Weekend of Mar. 11th

Good evening. If you’re familiar with last weekend’s service changes, you’re in good shape for this one. It’s a bit better than last weekend, but we still have a few recurring service disruptions. 7 trains are still not running west of Queensboro Plaza. Shuttle buses continue to replace M service along Myrtle Ave. On the Staten Island Railway, train service between Huguenot and Tottenville is replaced by buses as well. Finally, A and C trains are rerouted via Rutgers St on the F-line.

To add on to those disruptions, there is no 2 train service between E 180 Street and 241 Street. Once again, there are no 4 trains running in Brooklyn, which also means that 5 train service is truncated to Grand Central. There are also a few express-only segments, especially on 7th Avenue, where there is no downtown local service between 72 Street and Chambers St.

Before the map, just a reminder that Brooklyn-bound J trains will not stop at 104 Street at all times until Summer due to station rehabilitation.

Map for 03.11-03.13

Enjoy the weekend.


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