Weekend of April 1st

Sea Beach shuttle buses

Good afternoon. Well, the calendar says Spring, but the first half of the weekend will have you thinking it’s still Winter. With the expectation of a cold and damp Saturday, you don’t want to waste your time waiting for trains that aren’t running. Most of the recurring service changes from last month have ended, so that’s a good thing. However, work on the Myrtle Ave line does continue and will do so intermittently through June. For this weekend, there is no M train service between Myrtle Av and Metropolitan Av. Another big service disruption in place will affect service on the D and N lines. D trains are not running along their normal line past 59 St-Columbus Circle. In fact, the last stop will be 2 Avenue on the F-line after running local via the C-line between 59 Street and W 4 Street. To compensate for the loss of D train service in Brooklyn, N trains will run on the West End line in both directions with shuttle buses replacing normal N service.

Yet again, there is no 4 train service to/from Brooklyn. That persistent service change is also expected to wrap up in June. I would not celebrate yet as that will likely signal the start of suspensions on the 2 and 3 lines between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Wrapping up the service changes this weekend, E trains are running via 63rd Street and 6th Avenue. Finally, most Lexington Ave service is local-only, with only uptown 5 trains running express.

Map: Link

Enjoy the weekend.

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