Weekend of Apr. 8th

BusapaloozaGood evening. As you can likely tell from the screenshot above, this weekend is all about buses. If you’re not a fan of shuttle buses, you are in for a long weekend. Let’s jump right into this. Continuing work will take out the Myrtle Ave line, thus diverting M service to Broadway Junction. Adding to that, shuttle buses will replace service on the following lines and sections:

  • 3 4 – Utica Av to New Lots Av
  • 5 – E 180 Street to Dyre Av
  • G – Bedford-Nostrand Avs to Court Sq
  • J – Crescent St to Jamaica Center

To add to that mess, there is also a closure of the Clark St tunnels to contend with. That means there is no 2 or 3 train service running into Brooklyn this weekend. Local 4 and extended 5 trains will run in their place. As a byproduct of this service change, 2 trains will only run to E 180 Street while 5 trains are extended to Wakefield. To close out, there are some major reroutes to deal with as well, including almost full local-only service along Queens Blvd and the Coney Island-bound D trains running across the Sea Beach line in Brooklyn.

Map: 04.08-04.10

Enjoy the weekend.


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