Memorial Day Weekend 2017 (05.27)

05.06Good afternoon. This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Unfortunately the subways will be a crap shoot for many riders this weekend. If you’re heading out to Coney Island, you’re in good shape. Anywhere else, not so much. 4 and 5 trains; you know the deal by now – no 4 trains in Brooklyn, no 5 trains pretty much anywhere useful. And they’re on a modified schedule so, not really an option. However, that’s not the biggest service disruption in place. Once again, L trains are not running beyond Broadway Junction. Expanded M train service and a flurry of shuttle buses will provide alternate service. Rounding up the list of suspensions, N train service is suspended between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars Blvd while R trains are rerouted from 4th Avenue to the West End line south of 36 Street.

Be mindful of the other service changes in effect. Also, watch the bulletins as most service disruptions continue through either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Map for 05.27-05.30

Enjoy the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend 2017 (05.27)

  1. Since the northbound A is running via the F, shouldn’t the normal route say “southbound A” rather than just “A,” and shouldn’t the F also be labeled “northbound A” with a blue line alongside the orange?

    • The service change affecting the A-line is only part-time, relegated to the overnight hours. I generally do not show these service changes unless they last for at least half of the weekend.

      • That makes sense. I missed the time detail for this service change. Was it really only one night (Friday night)? That seems weird.

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