Weekend of Aug. 4th

Manhtn Brg north track closure.PNGGood evening. As we enter a new month, we finally wrap up a few continuous service disruptions. This will be the last weekend for the work on the 7th Avenue, Pelham and Queens Blvd lines. That means, just one more weekend of suspensions on the 1, E and F lines and split service on the 6-line. Unfortunately, those are not the only service changes to contend with this weekend. As you’re all probably aware, Sea Beach rehabilitation work has begun on the Coney Island-bound platforms, which will continue through next year. Other service changes include the ever-present suspension of 5 2 train service between E 180 Street and Dyre Av, along with the shutdown of the D-line between Broadway-Lafayette St and Atlantic Av. In regards to the latter, D trains will be rerouted over the C-line from Columbus Circle to W 4 Street. As a side note, be mindful of express and local runs to compensate for the rerouted D trains.

Map: 08.05-08.07

Enjoy the weekend.


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