Weekend of Aug. 19th

08.18Good evening. This is going to be a very messy weekend, especially if you’re trying to get around midtown. E and F trains are doing the old switcheroo with a new twist. E trains are running on the F-line between Roosevelt Av and 34 St-Herald Sq, the last stop. F trains are running along the E-line in both directions with a few caveats. Brooklyn-bound trains will run from Roosevelt Av to 42 Street on the E-line, then continue along the A line, running express, through Jay St. Queens-bound trains will run normally along 6th Avenue, but will be rerouted through the 53rd Street tunnel. Naturally, this is not the only service change in the area. Downtown A and C trains will run express between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Canal St. All downtown service on Broadway is express-only via the Manhattan Bridge. Finally, all service on the Lexington Ave line is local only from Grand Central to the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are also a couple of suspensions to contend with. First off, 2 and 5 trains are not running between E 180 Street and 241 Street. Also, continuing from previous weekends, N train service is suspended north of Queensboro Plaza. The rest of this weekend’s service changes are in the map linked below.

Map: 08.19-08.21

Enjoy the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Weekend of Aug. 19th

  1. There are three shuttle buses:
    1. Fresh Pond Rd-Myrtle Ave
    2. Metropolitan Ave-Myrtle Ave
    3. Metropolitan Ave-Flushing Ave
    Buses 2 and 3 stop at Fresh Pond Rd-Metropolitan Ave intersection instead of Fresh Pond Rd station.

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