Weekend of Sept. 2nd

Myrtle Ave phase 2Good evening. Well, once again, we’re at the unofficial end of summer. Of course, that doesn’t stop the weekend work, so we’ll still have to get around the diversions. First off, this weekend marks the beginning of phase two of the Myrtle Ave rehab project. Starting tomorrow (9/2), M shuttle service will resume between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs. The bulk of shuttle buses will be discontinued with the exception of ones running to Myrtle Av-Broadway. M train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn will continue to run to Broadway Junction for the duration of the project.

Naturally, that is not the only service change and with the long weekend, the MTA is taking advantage of the extended time. 2 trains are not running between E 180 Street and Dyre Av. 5 train service is suspended between Nereid Av and 241 Street. Once again, F trains are pretending to be E trains, with downtown trains running on the E-line from Roosevelt Av to W 4 Street, then via the C-line through Jay St. There are also a couple of express-only sections, such as on Broadway, where downtown trains will not make local stops between 57 Street and Canal St, or along 8th Avenue, which is partly due to the aforementioned F-line diversion.

Map: Weekend – Sept. 2nd

At this point, I usually close out the post, but not today. As many of you are aware, the MTA puts out its own Weekender map for weekend service changes. You probably also know I don’t like it, but that’s not important here. When it comes to late night service, riders are often left in the dark as there is no equivalent map for overnight service changes besides a little blip on the Late Night Map. Well, I feel that should change. Starting this weekend, I’m doing a trial run of an overnight version of the Subway Weekender. Much like the regular weekend maps put out here, these new late night maps will illustrate the various service changes impacting riders on a weekly basis. These maps will only highlight weeknight service changes. Disruptions that occur on weekend overnight hours will remain on the standard weekend maps, primarily because they carry over into the daytime hours as well and it would be quite redundant.

With that said, next week (starting 9/6 due to the holiday), Fix and Fortify work will reroute the E trains over the F-line between Roosevelt Av and W 4 Street. Also, due to this service change, late evening M and R train service is impacted, with the former ending early in Queens and Manhattan and the latter running express with the E along Queens Blvd.

Map: Late Nights – Sept. 6th-8th

A final note before I close this out. Going forward, weekend service change posts will generally be made on Thursday evenings while late night posts will be done on Sundays. I feel this would better facilitate planning around the service changes. This may change based on my observations and if there are too many last minute updates to the service change advisories.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Hopefully you can make the best of the long weekend.


3 thoughts on “Weekend of Sept. 2nd

  1. I’ve been consulting this site for years when planning my weekends and have often recommended it to fellow New Yorkers. Now it’s for every day of the week! Is there any way I can send a token of thanks for all of your work?

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