Weekend of Jan. 6th, 2018

Good morning and Happy New Year. Despite the bitter cold expected for this weekend, all service changes and diversions are still in effect as of this posting. Here are the important ones:

  • 2 – multiple diversions
    • All service is local-only in Manhattan
    • Service is split at E 180 Street
  • 4 – multiple diversions
    • Service is split at 125 Street
    • All service is local-only in Manhattan
  • 5 – No service between Grand Central and 241 Street
  • D – All service operates via A, F lines between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Coney Island
  • F – All service operates via Q, D lines between Lexington Av-63 St and Coney Island
  • J – No service between Crescent St and Jamaica Center
  • M – No mainline service between Broadway Junction and Essex St
  • N – All service operates via R line between Canal St and Atlantic Av

Service Map

Service may change depending on weather conditions, which may not be reflected on the map. Visit mta.info for up to the minute service changes and diversions.

FRIDAY EVENING EDIT: Most service changes have been cancelled due to the extreme cold. Along with the items listed above that haven’t been crossed off, J trains are not running between Chambers St and Broad St all weekend. For the sake of clarity, a new map has been created.

Service Map v2

Enjoy the weekend.


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