Weekend of Jul. 21st

Good morning. Here are this weekend’s major service changes and this time, there are a lot of them:

  • 1 – No service between Rector St
  • 2 – No service between Gun Hill Rd and 241 Street
  • 3 – No service between 96 Street and Harlem-148 St
  • A – No service between 168 Street and 207 Street
  • C – No service between 145 Street and 168 Street
  • D – Manhattan-bound service runs via N line between Coney Island and 36 St/4 Av
  • E – All service runs via F and R lines between Roosevelt Av and Whitehall St
  • E R – Outbound service is express-only in Queens
  • Fmultiple diversions
    • Downtown service runs via E and A lines between Roosevelt Av and Jay St
    • Queens-bound service runs via E line between Rockefeller Center and Roosevelt Av
  • G – No service between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Court Square
  • J – No service between Myrtle Av and Crescent St
  • M – No service
  • R – No late night service between 59 St/4 Av and Whitehall St

Service Map

Reminder: Both 145 Street on the 3 and the 23 Street F station will close for renovations starting Monday morning.

Enjoy the weekend.


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