Late Nights – Week of Oct. 2nd

Good afternoon. This week marks the beginning of a month-long late night closure of the Canarsie line. As that impacts a lot of other service, other maintenance work has been curtailed a bit. However, there are still a few left over, which are listed below:

  • 3 – No late night service
  • 4 6 – Downtown service is express-only between Grand Central and Brooklyn Bridge (Wed., Fri. mornings only)
  • A – Brooklyn-bound service runs via F line between W 4 Street and Jay St
  • D – No service between 34 St-Herald Sq and Atlantic Av
  • F – Jamaica-bound service is local-only in Queens
  • L – No service between Broadway Junction and 8 Avenue

Service Map

Have a good day.



3 thoughts on “Late Nights – Week of Oct. 2nd

  1. Unfortunately, I’m afraid not. Part of it is due to MTA’s apparent inability to finalize service changes in a timely manner, but most of it is because of personal obligations that make it harder to get the maps ready. At best, I can deliver them by Thursday night, but beyond that, it’s not likely.

  2. No problem this is a great service that you provide
    Mta should adopt your map on their website
    Your map would come in handy this weekend for the thousands attending comic con thinking that the 7 is going directly to Javits

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