Weekend of Sept. 28th

This weekend, several major reroutes and suspensions will disrupt service along various lines. Station improvement work will remove service from most of the Canarsie line in Brooklyn. Track maintenance will suspend direct Lexington Ave – White Plains Rd and also eliminate express service on Lexington Ave proper. Ongoing signal maintenance work will force all Queens Blvd service onto the local tracks once again. Those are just some of the service changes in place. Check the list and map below for the full impact:

  • 2 – No service between Gun Hill Rd and 241 Street
  • 4 – All service is local-only in Manhattan
  • 5 – No service between E 180 Street and Bowling Green
  • A – No service between Euclid Av and Lefferts Blvd
  • D – Coney Island-bound service runs via N line in Brooklyn
  • E – All service runs via F line between Roosevelt Av and 2 Avenue
  • E F – All service is local-only in Queens
  • L – No service between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction
  • SIR – No service between Jefferson Av and St. George

Service Map

One thought on “Weekend of Sept. 28th

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