Late Nights – Week of Oct. 1st

Here are this week’s late night service changes:

  • 1 2 – Uptown service is express-only between Chambers St and Times Sq-42 St
  • 2 – No service between Franklin Av and Flatbush Av
  • 6 – Split-service operations at 125 Street
  • 7 – No service between Citi Field-Willets Point and Main St
  • D – Coney Island-bound service runs via N line in Brooklyn
  • F – All service is local-only in Queens
  • L – No service between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction
  • Q – Split service operations at Atlantic Av
    • Service runs at 30 minute intervals between Atlantic Av and Coney Island

Service Map

One thought on “Late Nights – Week of Oct. 1st

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