Late Nights – Week of Oct. 8th

This week marks the beginning of a three-week stretch of FASTRACK maintenance work. For this iteration, the entire Broadway line in Manhattan will be out of service. Naturally, this is not the only service change in place. General track maintenance will force several lines onto the express tracks in one direction, as well as suspend service to Main St on the Flushing line. Check out the map for full details.

  • 2 4 – Manhattan-bound service is express-only in Brooklyn
  • 3 – No overnight service
  • 4 6 – Uptown service is express-only between Grand Central and 125 Street
  • 7 – No service between Willets Point and Main St
  • A – Uptown service is express-only between Canal St and 125 Street
  • F – Brooklyn-bound service runs via A line between W 4 Street and Jay St
  • N – No service between Queensboro Plaza and Court St
  • Q – All service runs via F and D lines between Lexington Av-63 St and DeKalb Av
  • R – No service between Atlantic Av and Whitehall St

Service Map

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