Late Nights – Week of Nov. 5th

This week, FASTRACK maintenance work is back in effect, this time on the Central Park West line. Service along that branch will be completely suspended with shuttle buses and 1 trains providing alternate service. In addition, ongoing station improvements and accessibility work on the Canarsie line will split and truncate service along the line. Track maintenance will suspend Archer Ave service to Queens Blvd. Speaking of, Jamaica-bound service will be express-only this week due to track replacement work. Here are the service changes:

  • 4 6 – Downtown service is express-only between Grand Central and Brooklyn Bridge (Wed., Fri. mornings only)
  • 6 – Split service operation at 125 Street
  • 7 – No service between Willets Point and Main St
  • A – No service between 59 St-Columbus Circle and 207 Street
  • D – No service between 161 St-Yankee Stadium and 59 St-Columbus Circle
  • Emultiple diversions
    • No service between Briarwood and Jamaica Center
    • Jamaica-bound service is express-only in Queens
  • Lmultiple suspensions
    • No service between Union Square and 8 Avenue
    • No service between Myrtle Av and Broadway Junction
  • N – Manhattan-bound service runs via Manhattan Bridge

Service Map

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