Weekend of Nov. 26th

Good evening. It’s a relatively light weekend due to the holiday, but there are still a few service changes you should be mindful of. This weekend starts a month-long closure of the Montague Tubes. That means weekend and late night N and R service will be rerouted across the Manhattan Bridge. It will also cut back the recently extended late night R shuttle from Whitehall St to Atlantic Av.

Also in place this weekend is the return of the split-service 2-line. Mainline service will run to/from Dyre Av while a shuttle will run between 241 Street and E 180 Street. There are several express runs in place as well, most prominently along the Brighton, Queens Blvd and 8th Avenue lines.

Map for 11.26-11.28

Enjoy the weekend and remember: don’t overdo it on the leftovers.

Weekend of Nov. 19th

Good evening. It’s another return of the repeats. 4 trains are not running in Brooklyn. 5 train service is shortened on both ends, with service operating only between E 180 Street and Grand Central. While the 3 trains have been extended into Brooklyn during the overnight hours, service only operates to Utica Av due to work along the Livonia Line. Once again, 7 train service is split on Sunday. Finally, there are no F trains running beyond Church Av.

For the full list of service changes, check out the map.

Map for 11.19-11.21
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Nov. 12th

Good evening. I’ll keep this brief as many of this weekend’s service changes are carried over from last weekend. It’s also relatively quiet this weekend. The 4 is still not running beyond the Brooklyn Bridge station. 5 trains are only operating between E 180 Street and Grand Central. Finally, 1 train service is truncated to 14 Street.

Wrapping this up, shuttle buses replace F trains between Church Av and Coney Island. On Sunday, 7 trains will no run between Queensboro Plaza and Hunters Point Av. For the full list of service changes, check out the map below.

Map for 11.12-11.14

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Nov. 5th

Good evening. This weekend will be relatively light in terms of diversions with the Marathon on Sunday. With that said, there are a few major service changes to contend with, mainly on Saturday though. Once again, 2 train service is split in the Bronx, with direct Manhattan-Bronx service operating to/from Dyre Av. Service on the F-line will be replaced with shuttle buses south of Church Av. Coney Island-bound Q and Church Av-bound F & G trains will run express along their respective lines. There are also a couple of service reductions in place, this weekend on the 1 and M lines. As mentioned, a few of these service changes do carry over into Sunday, so if you’re heading out to watch the marathon, keep that in mind.

As many of the service changes end on Saturday, I’ve included two maps for this weekend so as to not clutter the map.

Map for Sat. 11.05 Map for Sun. 11.06

As a reminder, starting Saturday night, late night R train service is extended to Whitehall St. Also keep in mind that while it doesn’t affect weekend service, starting Monday, W train service is restored, running from Ditmars Blvd to Whitehall St. N trains will run express in Manhattan on weekdays and Q train service has been cut back to 57 Street.

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Oct. 29th

Good evening. With Halloween just around the corner, it appears the MTA is trying to scare riders away from using the subway. I’m sorry; that was bad. However, this weekend’s slate of service changes is worse. Work on the numbered lines in Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn continues. That means there is no 1 trains running south of 14 Street and absolutely no 4 train service in Brooklyn. To add onto the list of suspensions, there are no D trains running beyond Columbus Circle, well at least not on their regular route. Also, as per usual nowadays, service along the Dyre Ave line is suspended, along with A train service north of 168 Street. There’s also a rare suspension of Staten Island Railway service between Huguenot and Tottenville.

While that’s enough service changes for a weekend, there are also several important diversions to take into account as well. Manhattan-bound F trains are running via the E-line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Center. With the aforementioned D suspension in Brooklyn, all N trains are running on the D-line with shuttle buses replacing normal service. On Saturday, Queens-bound E trains will run with the F between W 4 Street and Roosevelt Av.

Finally, there are a couple of major express/local diversions. To allow for speedy operation, A and C trains will run express along 8th Avenue while D trains run local. Also, 4 trains are running local through the entire line. There are a couple of one-directional express runs, primarily on the Brighton and Jamaica lines.

If there was a weekend where you needed a map, this is probably that weekend.

Map for 10.29-10.31
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Oct. 22nd

Good evening. This weekend, we’ll see some different service changes in comparison to weekends past, most of which affects the numbered lines. There is no 4 train service running between Manhattan and Brooklyn. In fact, trains will run local to Brooklyn Bridge only. Continuing with the Lexington Ave line, 5 trains are operating between E 180 Street and Grand Central. Moving over to 7th Avenue, 1 train service is once again cut back to 14 Street. On the 3 line, shuttle buses replace trains between Utica Av and New Lots Av. Wrapping up the list of major suspensions, a combination of shuttle buses and other nearby subway service replaces 7 trains between Queensboro Plaza and the Hudson Yards.

Shifting to the other lines, A and C train service is still cut back to 168 Street and 145 Street respectively. There are a few other service changes scattered about. Check out the map for the details.

Map for 10/22-10/24
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Oct 15th

Good evening. Much like last weekend was a rehash of ongoing service changes, this weekend will be more of the same. 3 trains aren’t running; 2 train service is suspended north of 96 Street; and the usual Fix and Fortify work will reroute A, C and E trains again. There is a bit of good news though as this is the last weekend where Lenox Ave service is completely suspended.

However, with that said, there are a couple of new service disruptions to contend with. J trains are not running between Crescent St and Jamaica Center during the daytime hours this weekend. Also, along Queens Blvd, all Manhattan-bound service is local-only while Queens-bound trains run express through Parsons Blvd.

Check out the map for the details.

Map for 10.15-10.17
Enjoy the weekend.