Weekend of Jan. 10th

Good afternoon everyone. First things first, all of last weekend’s service changes are in place this weekend. That means there are no 6 trains south of 125 St, the mess on Broadway is still in place and it’s slow-going on Queens Blvd with local-only service throughout the entire line.

There are a couple of additions however. They’re mainly express runs so they aren’t that major, but they will likely be a nuisance. Downtown 1 and 2 trains are express-only between 96 St and Times Square. Queens-bound F trains are bypassing 14 St and 23 St. Finally, Coney Island-bound Q trains will run express along the entirety of the Brighton line. Also before I forget, Coney Island-bound local service along 4th Avenue will continue for an additional two hours or so each night this weekend, so keep that in mind.

As always, the mess is mapped out for your convenience. Click on the link for it.


Have a nice weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 3rd

Happy New Year everyone. With the holidays over, we now return to the usual mess that is weekend disruptions. And this weekend is a doozy. For starters, there is no 6 trains running south of 125 St. 5 trains, running local in Manhattan, will operate all weekend as a replacement. Another major service change affects the Broadway lines. The 60th Street tube, which carries the N and R between Queens and Manhattan, is closed this weekend, causing reroutes and split service operations. There is no direct N train service between Queens and Manhattan; northbound Q trains are terminating at Times Square; and R trains are running via 63rd Street to avoid the closure. The final service suspension affects the 7-line. There are no trains running between Willets Point and Flushing.

Riders will also have to contend with local-only service along Queens Blvd, so it will be another weekend of slow service. Finally, as part of a month-long (weekends only though) service change, downtown trains on 8th Ave are express only, while there is reduced service on the C-line as part of this.

The map as always, has all of the details for easy viewing. Click on the link for the details. Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Dec. 27th

Good afternoon. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. With Christmas over with, there are a few more service changes in place than previous weekends this month. It’s not the mess that it’s going to be in the coming weeks, not by a long shot. There are a few service suspensions to contend with though. There is no service on the Lexington Ave line south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Late nights, 3 trains will be extended to New Lots Av to make up for the loss of 4 trains. Also because of this service change, 5 trains will only run as a shuttle between Dyre Av and E 180 St all weekend. The other major service disruption in place is at Coney Island. FasTrack has once again hit the D and N trains at the Coney Island terminal. Southbound D and N trains will terminate at Bay Pkwy and Gravesend-86 St respectively. Since this is a FasTrack-related suspension, you’ll have to use the local buses in the area as shuttle buses will not be provided.

There are a couple of express runs in place, namely on Coney Island-bound Q trains and Forest Hills/Jamaica-bound E, F, and R trains. Check out the map for the details.

new map

Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday EDIT: Q trains are running normally on the Brighton line this weekend. The map linked above has been updated to reflect this change.

Weekend of December 20th

For the final weekend before Christmas, we have just about the same service disruptions in place this weekend as we did last weekend. N and R trains are running across the Bridge, half of the G trains are running only as far north as Bedford-Nostrand Avs and the same express runs in place last weekend remain in effect this weekend. Even if you probably don’t need it, the map has the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of December 13th

Good afternoon everyone. This weekend is slightly busier than last, but still relatively easy to deal with overall. Due to last night’s fire adjacent to the Jamaica line at Van Siclen Av, shuttle buses are replacing J train service between Crescent St and Broadway Junction. Other than that, once again, N and R trains are running across the Bridge this weekend. Finally, there is no A train service to/from Lefferts Blvd. Shuttle buses are running between 80 St and Lefferts Blvd.

There are also a few express runs in place as well, along the Brighton line in Brooklyn and the Concourse and White Plains Rd lines in the Bronx. Click on the link for the map.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Dec. 6th

Well, we’ve reached the last month of the year. And as I’ve mentioned last week, that means weekend work will be light for the most part. This weekend, the only major diversion in place is along the Broadway line in Lower Manhattan. In shades of the long-term closure of the Montague tubes earlier this year, N and R trains are once again running across the Manhattan Bridge all weekend. This diversion will be in place for the next few weekends this month, so keep that in mind.

Other than that, there are a few express runs. Check out the map for the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

P.S. As a reminder, Q trains will be running local in Manhattan during the overnight hours starting this Sunday.

Weekend of Nov. 29th

As we head into the holiday season, you’ll notice that construction-related subway diversions will be on the light side. This weekend, we only have to contend with two major diversions. The first is the ongoing project at Coney Island, which has F and Q trains terminating at Avenue X and Brighton Beach respectively. The other one deals with the Lexington Ave line. There will be no service south of the Brooklyn Bridge, while 5 trains aren’t running past Grand Central. Late night 3 train service will be extended to New Lots Av as a replacement for lost 4 service.

The rest of this weekend’s diversions are all one-directional express runs. All in all, this is a pretty quiet weekend. Even though you likely won’t need it, the map is available for a visual.


Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.