Weekend of Mar. 12th

Good evening folks. This weekend marks the beginning of a semi-permanent closure of the Joralemon St tunnels. Off and on for the next few months, 4 train service will not run to Brooklyn. During those times, 3 train service will be extended to New Lots Av overnights.

Other that this, it’s another weekend practically the same as the previous ones. A, C and E trains are once again affected by Fix and Fortify work and the 1 still isn’t running past 14 Street. However, the most important service change is on the 5-line, which is completely suspended for most of the weekend.

Map for 03.12-03.14
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Mar. 5th

Hello everyone. It’s more of the same this weekend as it was last weekend. 1 trains are still not running past 14 Street. A, C and E train service is affected by Fix and Fortify work. And there are the usual express and local runs scattered about. Another thing to be mindful of this weekend is the reduced service on the 1-line north of 137 Street. Due to construction on the northern part of the line, waits will be twice as long between City College and Van Cortlandt Park.

Map for 03.05-03.07

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Feb. 27th

Good evening everyone. This is another weekend of fixing and fortifying. E trains are running via 63rd St and 6th Ave while the A and C trains are rerouted via the Rutgers St tunnels.

Besides that, we have a few other major disruptions in place. 1 train service is suspended between 14 Street and South Ferry. There are also no L trains running east of Myrtle Av. This weekend, 2 train service is split at E 180 Street with service to/from Manhattan operating via the 5-line between E 180 Street and Dyre Av.

Check out the map for the full list of service changes.

Map for 02.27-02.29
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Feb. 20th

Good evening. This weekend, the 1-line is completely suspended due to construction in various locations. 2 and 3 trains will run local along 7th Ave to compensate with buses running along the other stretches. Also among the list of suspensions, there are no J or M trains running between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Q trains are only running from Kings Highway and Stillwell Av. Finally, there is no A train service between Euclid Av and Lefferts Blvd. 

Check out the map for the full list of service changes.

Map for 02.19-02.21

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Feb. 13th

Good evening folks. With the weather turning dangerously cold, the last thing you want to do is stand on a platform waiting for a train that isn’t coming. With that said, let’s get to this weekend’s service disruptions.

Once again, 3 trains are not running between 96 Street and 148 Street. Speaking of recurring service changes, there is no J or M train service across the Williamsburg Bridge. On the Staten Island Railway, there are no trains running between Clifton and St. George.

There are also several diversions in place as well. 2 train service to/from Manhattan are running along the Dyre Ave line. Shuttle train service will run between 241 Street and E 180 Street. Brooklyn-bound F trains are bunking with the E from Roosevelt Av and W 4 Street. Another thing to keep in mind, there are several instances where trains are running either local or express where they shouldn’t. Most importantly, D and N trains are local-only along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.
Be mindful that because of the Presidenr’s Day holiday, some service changes run through early Tuesday morning as opposed to Monday.

Map for 02.13-02.16

Enjoy the weekend and do try to stay warm out there folks.

Weekend of Feb. 6th

Good evening folks. It’s more of the same on the rails this weekend. Q trains are still barely running, operating only between Kings Highway and Stillwell Av. Service on the Williamsburg Bridge is still suspended and “Fix and Fortify” work once again affects service on the A, C and E lines.

Adding to that list, 1 train service is cut back to 14 Street again. Watch out for the myriad of express and local stretches, especially along Queens Blvd and the Lexington Ave line. Check out the map for the details.

Map for 02.06-02.08

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 30th

Good evening. Well, another month draws to a close, but that means little when it comes to subway service disruptions. This week marks the beginning of a multi-weekend shutdown of most of the Brighton line (and the Q with it). For the next few weeks, Q trains will only run between Kings Highway and Stillwell Av, while N and R trains and shuttle buses carry the rest of the line. There’s also a suspension of service along the Williamsburg Bridge for the next few weeks. J train service will only run as far as Hewes St and the M will be reduced to a shuttle between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the other service changes in place this weekend. First, A train service will be suspended between Euclid Av and Lefferts Blvd. Finally, there will be no 4 trains running in Brooklyn this weekend. Moving from the full suspensions, there are a couple of major reroutes in effect as well. Brooklyn-bound F trains are desperately trying to be E trains in Manhattan, bunking with the E from Roosevelt Av to W 4 Street. Sticking with the F, Queens Blvd as a whole is messed up with all Manhattan-bound service running local and Jamaica- and Forest Hills-bound trains running express.

As per usual, there are a few other express runs scattered about. The map has the details on those, along with the rest of this weekend’s service changes.

Map for 01.30-02.01

Enjoy the weekend.