Weekend of Jan. 28th

Good evening. It’s more of the same this weekend. F trains are still running to Euclid Av; G trains are running to Coney Island. There’s once again no 4 train service in Brooklyn, no 1 trains running in Lower Manhattan and a suspension of J train service east of Broadway Junction. There’s also a slew of reroutes in place. Check out the map for the details.

Map for 01.28-01.30
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 21st

Good evening. It’s another weekend with a lot of service changes. I do have some good news though. 4 train service makes a return to Brooklyn for once. Of course, that comes with some bad news as well, which is that 2 and 3 trains are not running between Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend. 5 trains will replace the 2, while local 4 trains and shuttle buses will run in lieu of the truncated 3 trains.

Naturally, that is not the only suspension in place this weekend. J trains are not running between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center. Not to mention, there is the ongoing work that has rerouted and cut back service on the C, F and G lines. With serveral other major reroutes in place, you’ll want to play close attention to the map.

Map for 01.21-01.23
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 14th

Good evening. If this weekend’s map looks familiar, it’s not deja vu. Quite a few service changes have carried over from last weekend. 1 trains are not running to South Ferry, 4 train service is suspended in Brooklyn and the C/F/G mix up is still in place. There is one major additon to the mess, however. 2 train service is split with through service between The Bronx and Manhattan running to/from Dyre Av. The mixture of reroutes returns per usual.

Map for 01.14-01.16
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 7th

Good evening. As we enter into a new year, we say goodbye to the weekends of relatively light service disruptions. This weekend marks the beginning of a couple of major month-long service changes. The biggest one affects service on the C, F and G lines. F trains will replace normal service on the C-line, which is cut back to 2 Avenue, while G trains are extended to Coney Island in lieu of normal F service. We haven’t seen this service change since the Jay St/Lawrence St transfer was completed a few years ago. We also see the return of the Fix and Fortify closures. For the entire month, E trains will run via the F-line between W 4 Street and Roosevelt Av.

On the subject of Fix and Fortify, service along the 1 and 4 lines will be suspended intermittently due to work at South Ferry and in the Joralemon St tunnels respectively, this weekend being one of them.

Moving on to the other service disruptions, 5 trains will only run between E 180 Street and Grand Central during the daytime and evening hours. 3 train service will be suspended between Utica Av and New Lots Av with shuttle buses replacing the trains. There are also a couple of reroutes to contend with, including one that has the Queens-bound F trains running over the C-line between Jay St and W 4 Street.

Map for 2017.01.07

Also, keep in mind that there will be no Q train service between 57 Street and 96 Street during overnight hours until Monday.

Enjoy the weekend.

SATURDAY EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the map is unavailable for most viewers. As that will simply not do, here is the correct link for this weekend’s map:

Correct Map

New Year’s Weekend

Good evening. As we close out another year, we look to new beginnings. As everyone likely knows, Sunday marks the start of subway service along 2nd Avenue after many years of false starts and many, many delays. Before we get to that, we have to deal with the usual nonsense of subway diversions. As it is New Year’s Eve, there aren’t many service changes in place. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all light work. N train service is suspended between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square. Also, all N trains will run express in Manhattan in both directions.

Most of the other service changes are related to NYE celebrations, but for the remaining ones, the map has the details.

Map for 2016.12.31

Map for 2017.01.01

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Dec. 17th

Good evening. Originally, there were going to be a couple more service changes than last weekend, but the forecast of a mix of snow and rain throughout most of the weekend means that once again, we have more of the same service changes in effect as previous ones. The 5 still isn’t running on the Dyre Ave line. There is still no Broadway service in Lower Manhattan as N and R trains run across the Manhattan Bridge. Returning this weekend is the suspension of A train service to/from Lefferts Blvd. The other service reroutes, like the one where F trains run via the E-line, or the one that has Manhattan-bound J and M trains running express, are here as well. The map has the details.

Map for 12.17-12.19

As next weekend is Christmas, there will be no post with the list of service changes. Of course, since next weekend is Christmas, that means there will not be any service changes in the first place. The usual weekend map is available at the link on the top of this page.

Enjoy the weekend and happy holidays.

Weekend of Dec. 10th

Good evening. This weekend, we have more of the same. The 5 is still not running between E 180 Street and Dyre Av. There is no N or R train service via Lower Manhattan. Adding to these major service changes, shuttle buses replace F trains between Church Av and Coney Island.

For the full list of service changes, see the map below.

Map for 12.10-12.12
Not shown on this map, E train service is split at Union Tpke on Sunday morning and Staten Island Railway service is cut back to Tompkinsville.

That is all. Enjoy the weekend.