Weekend of Dec. 19th

Good evening folks. It’s another fairly light weekend in terms of service disruptions. In fact, there is little change from last weekend. That means there is no L train service east of Myrtle Av or F train service between Kings Hwy and Coney Island. The only addition to the list of subway reroutes is on the 4-line. During the overnight hours, service is split at 125 Street.

Check out the map for the details.

12.19 Map

Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Dec. 12th

Good evening folks. It’s another light weekend in terms of service disruptions. The only suspension of service is on the L-line between Myrtle Av and Rockaway Pkwy. Other than that, we have to deal with a diversion on the uptown C and D lines. D trains are running via the C-line from W 4 Street to 145 St while C trains run express in Manhattan. Finally, Queens-bound R trains are running across the Manhattan Bridge, bypassing all stops in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. In a bit of good news, 80 Street and 111 Street on the A-line will reopen fully on Monday morning.

Click on the link for the map.

12.12 map

Have a nice weekend.

Weekend of Dec. 5th

Good evening. As we approach the holidays, the MTA lightens up on the service disruptions. For the most part that is. This weekend, we barely have anything happening. There are a couple of partial suspensions on the 7 and G lines, but those are only in effect on Saturday. Sunday is pretty much normal service and because of that, I’m posting two maps for clarity’s sake.

Sat. 12.05 Sun. 12.06

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Nov. 28th

Good evening. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday yesterday; I know I did. While everyone spends their weekend either sleeping off their food comas or looking for great deals, there is no rest for the MTA subway. While it is a lighter weekend in terms of service disruptions, there are a few headaches riders will have to contend with. Namely, the 5 trains are not running between E 180 Street and Dyre Av.

It’s also slow-going on several of the subway lines because of local- or express-related reroutes. For instance, if you’re using the F trains, Manhattan-bound trains from Jamaica are running local from 71 Avenue to Roosevelt Av, whereas Queens-bound trains will bypass 23 Street and 14 Street. That’s on top of the Brooklyn-bound reroute via 53rd Street. Among the other express runs, Brooklyn-bound C trains will bypass all local stops between 168 Street and Columbus Circle, while Manhattan-bound R trains run express along 4th Avenue. On the flip-side, Brooklyn-bound service on the Lexington Ave line is local only for most of the line.

The map as always has the details. Click on the link for it.

Map for 11.28

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Nov. 21st

Good evening everyone. Since this is fairly later than usual, I’ll keep this short. Once again, the 1 is suspended from 14 Street to South Ferry. The F isn’t running past Kings Hwy. Also, the E and N trains are bunking with the F and D lines respectively in sections. The map has all the details of these service changes along with the others as well.

Updated Map for 11.21

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: N trains are not running to Coney Island as previously indicated on the map. Click on the link above for the corrected map.

Weekend of Nov. 14th

Good evening. It’s another “meh” weekend on the subways. Not the worst, but not the best either. In a bit of good news, the 1 is running to South Ferry this weekend. However, riders should not prematurely celebrate as service is still suspended north of 137 Street. Speaking of suspensions, service on the 7 and L lines remain shut down in the same locations they were last weekend. Adding onto that, there will also be no service on the Lexington Ave line south of the Brooklyn Bridge. 4 trains will run local to City Hall only while 5 train service is curtailed to Grand Central. 3 train service will be extended during the overnight hours to compensate. Finally, once again, F train service is suspended between Kings Highway and Coney Island.

There are also a couple of reroutes in place, most importantly another weekend where the A and C trains run over the F-line from W 4 Street to Jay St. The map has the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Nov. 7th

Good evening and happy Friday. Let’s jump straight into the mess, shall we? This weekend will be more of a headache than last week. First off, there are multiple partial suspensions in place. As usual, there is no 1 train service south of 14 Street. Joining this perpetual shutdown, we have to deal with the suspension of service on the Dyre Ave line and the 7-line between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza. Finally, there are no L trains running east of Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs.

If there’s any consolation, there aren’t many other diversions in place this weekend. Besides a couple of express runs on the downtown C along Central Park West and the F on 6th Avenue proper, the only real diversion is on the F. Brooklyn-bound trains will run via the E-line from Roosevelt Av to Rockefeller Center.

Click on the link for the map.


Enjoy the weekend.