About Us

Following the closure of the original Subway Weekender website, this blog was created to pick up where original creator Shawn Lynch left off and illustrate the New York City Subway as it operates during weekend construction. Since 2012, I have worked tirelessly to show just how the trains are running on any given line. While the MTA does have its own version of the Weekender using both the Vignelli map and what I like to call the “flashing lights approach”, their map does not show the viewer at a glance how their subway line is affected by weekend construction. A flashing dot can mean a stop is skipped, service is running local or that all or part of a line is completely suspended. With the maps presented here, riders know at a glance whether their train is running or if they should seek other options.

I plan to stick around for the long haul. Or at least until the MTA decides on creating their own version of the Subway Weekender.

As always, enjoy and save travels.

Inquiries: SubwayWeekender@gmail.com