Weekend of May 30th

Good afternoon everyone. Here are the major disruptions in place this weekend. There will be no 1 trains running north of 96 Street. The usual shuttle bus arrangement is in place and everyone should be familiar with that. Service along the Williamsburg Bridge is once again suspended. However, instead of an all weekend closure, this service change is only in effect on Saturday during the daytime hours.

This is also another weekend where there will be no A trains running on the Lefferts Blvd branch. As you’re probably aware, the Rockaways/Lefferts Blvd-bound platform at Rockaway Blvd reopened earlier this afternoon, which means the other platform will close for station rehabilitation.

Wrapping up the rest of this weekend’s mess, E trains are running on the F-line between W 4 St and 2 Av, the last stop. The D/N flip-flop is once again in effect. Coney Island-bound trains run via Sea Beach while Manhattan-bound trains run on the West End line. There are a few express runs in place as well, scattered around as usual. Click on the link for the map.


Also, as a post-script, I’m aware there have been a couple of comments regarding single-track service changes. I don’t include them because I don’t really consider them service changes. The trains are not being rerouted to another line or the express/local tracks. My apologies if that inconveniences anyone.

Enjoy the weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend

Good afternoon everyone. Well, we’ve made it to Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. That means the MTA is taking advantage of the long weekend. Many of the service changes in place this weekend are extended into Monday or Tuesday morning. Leading off on those disruptions, there is no 5 train service south of E 180 Street. Customers will have to rely on the 2 and 4 trains for alternate service. Other major service changes include having the Brooklyn-bound F run via both the E and A-lines, Coney Island-bound D trains running over the N-line in Brooklyn, along with several express/local runs scattered about. Take a look at the map for the details.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Weekend of May 15th

Good evening folks. It’s another busy weekend on the rails. 5 and L trains are still not running in their usual locations. However, in a bit of good news, this is the last weekend of the L-line shutdown. There’s also that ongoing work on the Queens Blvd line that wraps up this weekend as well. There are also a few major express runs in place, mainly on the 8th Avenue line. Brooklyn-bound trains are express-only from 125 Street to Canal St. Check out the map for all of the details.


Have a nice weekend.

Weekend of May 9th

Good evening folks. WordPress is being weird again. It said I posted this week’s blog post before I closed the tab, but whatever. Work continues on the 14th Street-Canarsie and Queens Blvd lines. This weekend, we also have a suspension of the 4 line in Brooklyn along with the entirety of the Rockaway Park shuttle. Watch out for those pesky express and local runs, especially now that it’s getting warm outside. The map has the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of May 2nd

Good afternoon everyone. It’s more of the same from last weekend: the 5 is still not running past E 180 St, there is no L train service between Lorimer St and 8 Avenue, and, the local and express runs in place on Queens Blvd remain in place from last weekend.

Moving past those service changes, 3 trains are rerouted to Flatbush Av with shuttle buses replacing normal service through New Lots Av. Manhattan-bound D trains are running on the N-line between Coney Island and 36 Street. Finally, there are a few express runs on the Lexington Ave and 7th Avenue lines with a local run on the southbound Central Park West line. Check out the map for the details.


Reminder: Starting Monday, downtown 4 and 6 trains bypass 103 Street for station renovation. Enjoy the weekend.