Weekend of Sept. 26th

Good evening folks.

It’s a much better weekend on the rails than it was last weekend. There are however some major disruptions in place. The biggest one is on the F-line. There are no F trains running between Church Av and Coney Island. The usual partial shutdowns on the 1 and 5-lines are back in place. Rounding out the list of suspensions, the entirety of the Rockaway Park shuttle, along with the Staten Island Railway from Old Town to St. George, are being replaced by shuttle buses.

There are a few express and local runs, but the only other real diversion is on the A and C-lines. Trains are running via the F-line in both directions between W 4 Street and Jay St-MetroTech.

Check out the map for the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Sept. 19th

Good evening folks. This weekend will be rough for a lot of riders, especially for those on the west side. 1 train service is completely suspended through the entire line. 2 and 3 trains will run local to compensate along with shuttle buses on both ends of the line. Speaking of suspensions, there will be no 5 trains running between E 180 Street and Dyre Av. Finally, there will be a reduction of 6 train service in the Bronx.

In terms of other service changes, D and N trains are doing that flip-flop thing again. All Coney Island-bound trains are running on the Sea Beach line while Manhattan-bound trains are routed to the West End. There are also several express runs throughout the system, specifically on the Culver, Brighton and Lexington Ave lines.

Check out the map for the details.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Sept. 12th

Good evening folks. Before we delve into this weekend’s service changes, I just want to remind everyone, as if you don’t already know, that the new 7-line station at the Hudson Yards/Javits Center will open Sunday afternoon.

With that out of the way, let’s get to this weekend’s mess. Luckily, the earlier derailment on the G-line has been cleared up, so that’s one less thing to deal with. However, there are still several major disruptions in place. 1 trains still won’t run past 14 Street, the 5 is still operating only as the Dyre Ave shuttle and E/F trains will run local in Queens. Beyond that, there is no 3/4 train service between Utica Av and New Lots Av. There is also a suspension of F train service between Kings Hwy and Stillwell Av.

On the subject of reroutes, they’re “Fixing and Fortifying” the Cranberry tunnels, so A and C trains will run via the F-line in both directions between W 4 Street and Jay St. Also, Manhattan-bound D trains are running on the N-line from Coney Island to 36 Street. In another bit of good news, M train service is extended to Chambers St on the J-line, but that’s nothing new.

Click on the link for the map


There are a couple of other things I’d like to remind everyone. First off, FASTRACK hits the Hillside Ave line next week. There will be no F trains running between Briarwood and 179 Street. Secondly, starting Monday, the elevators at the Simpson St station will be out of service until the middle of next year. Customers will have to use the Bx19 bus for connecting service.

I think that’s everything. Enjoy the weekend.

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Hello everyone. Well, we’ve reached the official end of summer. While there are fewer service changes in place due to the holiday weekend, the ones that remain are still a headache to deal with. First off, the 1 and 5 refuse to run normal service. The former is terminating at 14 Street all weekend while the latter is operating only as the Dyre Ave shuttle through Monday morning. Also, there are no 2 trains running between E 180 Street and 149 St-Grand Concourse.

Among the other service changes in effect this weekend, Brooklyn-bound F trains are running via the E and C-lines from Roosevelt Av to Jay St. Speaking of the F, both it and the E trains are running local in both directions along Queens Blvd. Finally, there are major express runs on both the Brighton and Culver lines in Brooklyn, so be mindful of that. Also pay close attention to the time stamps for the service changes as some run through Tuesday morning.

The map has the details, click on the link for it.


Enjoy the long weekend.