Weekend of Mar. 26th

Good afternoon. Overall, this is not a good weekend on the subway. More so if you’re riding the Lexington Ave or Broadway lines. Regarding the former, all service is suspended south of the Brooklyn Bridge station. Along with that, 4 trains are running local in both directions through the entire line and 5 train service is curtailed to Grand Central. As usual, 3 trains will make up for the lost service in Brooklyn.

On Broadway, there is absolutely no service between 57 Street and Queensboro Plaza. Also, R trains are running via 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in both directions while N trains run it’s late night version of service all weekend, making all stops between Manhattan and Brooklyn. And to make up for the reduction in service, Q trains will run local between 57 Street and Canal St.

There are also a few other service disruptions to contend with. There is no 3 train service between 96 Street and 148 Street. Also, Jamaica-bound F trains are running via the E-line from 5 Avenue to Jackson Heights. On the Staten Island Railway, there is a reduction in service between St. George and Grasmere, with trains running every half-hour between the two stations.

Click the link below for the map

Map for 03.26-03.28

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Mar. 19th

Good afternoon. Before we get to this weekend’s service disruptions, I’ve received news the MTA is planning on shutting down part of the M-line in order to rehabilitate the 100+ year old structure starting Summer 2017. While subject to change, mainline M train service is expected to be rerouted to Broadway Junction on the J-line through the duration of this project. I’ll keep you up to speed on the latest regarding this disruption.

In the meantime, we’ve got the usual mess of weekend diversions to contend with. Once again, there is no 4 train service in Brooklyn. Customers will have to use the 2 and 3 trains as an alternative. Speaking of the Lexington Ave line, 5 train service is completely suspended again. C trains are not running between 145 Street and 168 Street. Wrapping up the list of partial line closures, 7 trains are not running between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza and L trains are only running as far west as Union Square.

There are also a few other service changes in effect. Fix and Fortify work will also affect the A and C-lines, forcing both lines over to the Rutgers St tubes.

There are also a few express runs, mainly on the 7 and F-lines. Check out the map for the details.

Map for 03.19-03.21

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Mar. 12th

Good evening folks. This weekend marks the beginning of a semi-permanent closure of the Joralemon St tunnels. Off and on for the next few months, 4 train service will not run to Brooklyn. During those times, 3 train service will be extended to New Lots Av overnights.

Other that this, it’s another weekend practically the same as the previous ones. A, C and E trains are once again affected by Fix and Fortify work and the 1 still isn’t running past 14 Street. However, the most important service change is on the 5-line, which is completely suspended for most of the weekend.

Map for 03.12-03.14
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Mar. 5th

Hello everyone. It’s more of the same this weekend as it was last weekend. 1 trains are still not running past 14 Street. A, C and E train service is affected by Fix and Fortify work. And there are the usual express and local runs scattered about. Another thing to be mindful of this weekend is the reduced service on the 1-line north of 137 Street. Due to construction on the northern part of the line, waits will be twice as long between City College and Van Cortlandt Park.

Map for 03.05-03.07

Enjoy the weekend.