Normal Service

Weekend Service

Weekend Service

Normal Weekend Service

Weeknight Service

Weeknight Service.PNG

Normal Weeknight Service

Current Long-Term Service Changes

  • 2 3 – Weekend service is suspended between Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • A B C – Trains skip 72 Street in both directions.
  • A B C – Trains skip Cathedral Pkwy-110 St in both directions.
  • A C – Trains skip 163 St-Amsterdam Av in both directions.
  • F – Manhattan-bound trains run express between Avenue X and 18 Avenue.
  • J Z Jamaica Center-bound trains skip 121 Street.
  • N – Coney Island-bound trains run express between 8 Avenue and Stillwell Av.
  • N W – Trains skip 30 Avenue and 36 Avenue in both directions.

5 thoughts on “Normal Service

  1. Is there going to be Manhattan bound R train service between Roosevelt ave and Queens Plaza?? The past couple of weekends there wasn’t any……

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