June 1st-3rd

Good evening folks. It’s a scorcher out there isn’t it? And it will be one for most of the weekend. So you’re waiting on a hot platform for a train that won’t show up, here are the weekend’s service changes. Once again, the 5 is not running all weekend; the 2 is running from Manhattan to Dyre Av (a shuttle is running between 241 and E 180 Sts). There is no J train service east of Crescent St; shuttle buses are running from Crescent St to Jamaica-Van Wyck Expwy on the E-line. Speaking of the E trains, both the E and F lines are affected by weekend construction. Manhattan-bound trains are all running via 63rd Street while Queens-bound trains are running via 53rd Street. Manhattan-bound E trains are also running via the F-line from Roosevelt Av and 2 Av, the last stop. By the way, both Manhattan-bound E and F trains will bypass Lexington Av-63 St Saturday evening through early Sunday morning. Rounding out this weekend’s service changes are the rerouting of the N and Q trains through the Montague/Whitehall tunnels in both directions and express runs on the 7 in Queens along the entire stretch of the Flushing line, the C in Manhattan south of 59 St, the F in Brooklyn along the Culver Viaduct and the N in Queens on the Astoria line. The map shows all of this. Enjoy the weekend and try to stay cool.


Memorial Day Weekend (5/25)

Good evening folks. As the title of this post states, this is the Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of the summer. As of this post however, it doesn’t look or feel much like summer. But since this is a post on the service changes and not a weather report, let’s get to it, shall we? You’d think it’d be a relatively light weekend since it’s a major holiday and you’d be right. In a way. There aren’t that many service disruptions in place this weekend, but the few that are scheduled will likely affect your travel plans, especially if you’re traveling between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The L line is suspended between Lorimer St and 8 Av, Manhattan all weekend. The M is extended to 57 St to compensate. The only other major changes in place are on the D in the Bronx (uptown express between 145 St and Tremont Av) and the F (Queens-bound trains run via 53rd Street again). You’ve also got express runs on the downtown 8th Avenue line trains between 59 St-Columbus Circle & Canal St and a one-day run on the uptown 4 in the Bronx. The map has all of this illustrated. Enjoy the long weekend and keep in mind that most of the service changes run through Tuesday morning, not Monday. Also, once again, during the overnight hours tonight (Saturday), MetroCard Vending Machines will only take cash due to system upgrades.


Weekend of May 18th

Hello folks and once again, happy Friday. I’d say it’s been a pretty good week. Hopefully it’s been good for you as well. Since it is Friday, you know what that means: weekend service disruptions. First off, FASTRACK hits the Coney Island approaches on the D and N lines. Since it’s FASTRACK and not a general shutdown, you’ll need to hop on local buses and nearby subway lines to get from either Bay Pkwy on the D or 86 St on the N if you’re headed to Coney Island.

Besides that, we have the usual slew of service changes. In order of most important:

  • both the M and H-Rockaways shuttles are completely suspended (buses replace both lines)
  • E and F are running into Manhattan via 63rd Street; back to Queens via 53rd Street
  • downtown E trains are also running down 6th Avenue to 2 Av (Queens-bound trains start at 2 Av)

There are also express runs on the 1 in Manhattan, the C in both Manhattan and Brooklyn and the F & G along the Viaduct Also watch out for longer wait times on the G north of Bedford-Nostrand Avs. As always, the map has all the details. Enjoy the weekend. Also before I forget, if you aren’t already aware, full A-line service will resume at the end of the month according to the MTA.



Weekend of May 11th

Good evening folks. Let’s get the usual suspects out of the way first. The G is still truncated to Hoyt-Schermerhorn. The 5 isn’t running at all. The 4 is running local in most of Manhattan. With that out of the way, let’s get down to what’s new. First off, one of the biggest service changes is on the A line in Queens. And I’m not talking about the Rockaways section. For most of Saturday into Sunday morning, service on the A line is split with a shuttle running from Rockaway Blvd to Howard Beach. On Sunday, there will be no train service from Euclid Av onwards. Shutle buses will make all stops from Euclid Av to Lefferts Blvd then continue to Howard Beach, stopping at the Racetrack and North Conduit Av. There will be an express bus running non-stop from Euclid Av to JFK Airport, but it will likely be slow going either way.

The other service changes include the following: Manhattan-bound E trains are running via the F line after 36 St in Queens to 2 Av. Queens-bound trains are running normally, but are starting from 2 Av. Downtown N trains run express in Queens, uptown R trains run via the bridge. Downtown 1 trains run express south of 34 St-Penn Station. All of the service changes are illustrated in map form below. Enjoy the weekend, even though it’s supposed to be a wet one for the most part.


Weekend of May 4th

Good evening folks. Yes it’s still evening here, so it’s still Friday. And that means another weekend of construction-related service changes. The biggest ones this weekend involve the 1 and 5 lines. The 1 is truncated to 168 St, while the latter is not running at all. The 2 is running from Flatbush to Dyre Av with a shuttle running between Wakefield and East 180 St.

Eighth Avenue service is also messed up this weekend. Downtown A and C trains are running via the Rutgers (F) tubes between W 4 St and Jay St; downtown E trains are running express in Manhattan. It’s also slow going if you’re traveling on the Broadway line as everything is running via Lower Manhattan. Though if you’re heading up along Astoria, you’ll have to double back as downtown N trains are running express in Queens.

The map has all of the service changes in effect this weekend. Map

P.S. Starting this Monday, FASTRACK hits the 4th Avenue line in Brooklyn. There will be no service between 36 St/4 Av and Bay Ridge-95 St. N trains to/from Manhattan run via the West End (D) line in both directions. Shuttle train service runs from 8 Av to Coney Island to provide service along Sea Beach. R trains also run via the D during the evening hours, but terminate at 9 Av. Shuttle buses run along 4th Avenue only. Just keep that in mind. Enjoy the weekend.