Weekend of Feb 23

Since I’m pressed for time, let’s jump right into this, shall we? The biggest change in place (besides the ongoing 7 line shutdown) is the closure of the Lenox Avenue line, which will be in effect for the next three weekends. The 3 is completely suspended for the entire weekend (4 trains are running local in Brooklyn to/from New Lots Av as a replacement). 2 train service is split, running from 241 St to 3 Av-149 St and from 96 St to Flatbush Av. Shuttle buses will serve the intermediate stations. There’s also no 5 train service between East 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse.

Also in effect this weekend are express runs of the 6, N and R trains in Manhattan and local runs on the A and E & F in Brooklyn and Queens respectively. See the map for details. Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday EDIT: As Amtrak7 pointed out in the comments, there are four shuttle buses running for the Lenox Avenue shutdown. The local buses from 96 St/Broadway run to both 148 St-Harlem and 3 Av-149 St. Local busesĀ from 3 Av-149 St run to 149 St-Grand Concourse as a one-stop shuttle as well as 96 St/Broadway. Watch the signs on the buses to ensure the bus you’re taking is heading to your destination.

Also, uptown 5 trains heading for 149 St-Grand Concourse skip 138 St. The map has been updated to show this.

Corrected Map


Weekend of Feb 16

Well, it’s finally Friday and we all know what that means. Let’s jump right into it, shall we? Highlighting it as always is the 7 line shutdown between Queens and Manhattan and the lack of 5 train service south of East 180 St. There are also several express runs throughout the subway this weekend. Downtown 4 and 6 trains are running express from Harlem to midtown. Uptown A and C trains run express through most of Manhattan. And F trains are running express in Brooklyn. The map has the full details. Just a reminder folks, due to the President’s Day holiday, some service changes are extended into Tuesday morning.


Weekend of Feb 2

Once again, apologies for the delays in posting. For this weekend, we have more of the same, along with some new additions. The 5 is still stuck in the Bronx, the 7 in Queens. The 4 is running local in Manhattan north of Grand Central. Also, Coney Island-bound F trains are running express between Jay St and Church Av (the G is truncated to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts). Brooklyn-bound A and C trains are running via the F line between West 4 St and Jay St and the J trains are being replaced by buses from Crescent St through Jamaica-Van Wyck on the E line. That’s just some of the major changes; the map below has all of them. Enjoy the weekend.