Weekend of 10/27

Good evening folks. With Hurricane Sandy en route to the Tri-State Area, the MTA has decided to cancel all but a couple of their service changes. The ones that aren’t, the 7 line shutdown between Queensboro Plaza and Manhattan & the closure of the Williamsburg Bridge, which carries the J line across the East River, are only in place on Saturday. The map below shows this. Also, please keep in mind that before and during the storm, service may run local in various sections since the MTA may be using the express tracks to store trains away from the elements. Visit mta.info for the latest service advisories. As always, have a nice weekend and make sure you’re prepared for this storm.


Weekend of 10/20

Alright folks, I’m a bit pressed for time here, so I’ll make this brief. Shuttle buses replace trains on Myrtle Avenue, Livonia Avenue, the A line between Rockaway Blvd and the Rockaways proper and the Queens stations west of Queensboro Plaza on the 7 line. The uptown C and D are still flipped and the 5 is still stuck in the Bronx. Concerning the 3 line shutdown, it’s being done a bit differently so watch out for that. The map has everything in detail. Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday Edit: The uptown C and D trains are running their normal routes in Manhattan (despite the C express service change still being listed on the MTA’s website). Also, the shuttle bus to Rockaway Park also serves Beach 90th and Beach 105th Streets.

Map (Version 2)

Weekend of 10/13

Yeah, I know, another late post. It is what it is. Anyways, it’s yet another weekend of of the 3 to Flatbush, a shortened 4 & 5 and the flip-flop of the uptown C & D trains. In a bit of good news, the 2 is running normally in the Bronx so no backtracking this time. By the way 5 line riders, don’t look for Lexington Avenue direct service any time soon. The map below has all the changes in detail. Enjoy the weekend and try not to get sick from all this crazy weather.


Weekend of 10/06

Happy Friday folks. This weekend’s service changes include the continuation of the disruptions on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines, just like the past few weeks. In lieu of the disruptions on the Rockaways A and the N, Q, and R lines, we have another weekend of no Manhattan-bound 7 train service because of the ongoing CBTC project. Q trains are running to Queens to help out the N. Also keep in mind that there’s no N or R train service in Lower Manhattan and the Bronx-bound D trains are running local up 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Full details are available in the map below. Enjoy the weekend and watch out for the massive dip in the temperature, especially on Sunday.