Weekend of Mar 29th (14 Lines, 2 Shuttles, SIRR Affected)

Good afternoon everyone. I hope all of you had a good week, because you likely won’t have a good weekend. Along with the deluge of rain expected to hit the area over the next couple of days, we have a slew of service changes in effect. A chunk of them affect the numbered lines especially. This weekend marks the last consecutive weekend shutdown of the 7-line between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square. This will not be the last time the line will be closed off this year, not by a long shot. We’ve also got the shutdown of the Lenox Avenue line (2,3), with 3 train service completely suspended and the 2 truncated to 96 St northbound. The 5 will pick up the slack in the Bronx while the 4 does so in Brooklyn, but it will be slow-going throughout.

Other service changes include the shutdown of the Rockaway Park shuttle, those pesky local runs on Queens Blvd, as well as on 8th Avenue and a couple express runs on the uptown Lex and Queens-bound J. The map has all of the details. Enjoy the weekend and try to stay dry.


Weekend of Mar 25th

Good evening and happy Friday. It’s another busy weekend on the rails folks. The 7 still isn’t running to Manhattan, but we all know about that, so let’s just move past that one, shall we? The 1-line is suspended and replaced by various shuttle buses north of 96 St, as is the 5 north of E 180 St. A-line service to Far Rockaway is rerouted to Rockaway Park with buses running to Mott Av instead.

In other service changes-related news, Coney Island-bound D trains are running over the N line after 36 St. Queens-bound F trains run via the Cranberry tubes. There are a couple of express runs in place, such as the one on the uptown 6 trains between Grand Central and 125 St & on the Queens-bound J from Marcy Av to Broadway Junction as well as a couple of local runs scattered about. Click on the link for the map. Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Mar 15th

Good afternoon everyone. I had this whole thing typed out but WordPress is being stupid and decided to crap out and not post my original post. Now I’m going to keep this one brief because I don’t feel like typing all of what I had originally typed up. Basically, the 7-line is once again suspended between Manhattan and Queens, there are no Q trains running between Prospect Park and Kings Hwy and the last northbound stop for the 4 trains is 149 St. 3 trains are also being rerouted to Flatbush Av on the 2-line while shuttle buses run from Utica Av to New Lots Av. Service is also suspended on the J-line between Hewes St and Essex St.

There are a few other service reroutes in place, all of which is shown on the map below.


Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Weekend of Mar 8th (All Lines EXCEPT J, L, M Affected)

Yeah, it’s one of those weekends folks. It’s easier to tell you which lines don’t have any work on them than it is for which lines do. First off, that 7-line disruption we all know and love (to hate) is back. There will be no 7 trains running between Queensboro Plaza and Times Sq. This will occur every weekend this month alone, so plan for that. Also in effect this weekend is a shutdown on the Brighton line. Q train service is suspended south of Prospect Park with shuttle buses running to either Kings Hwy or Coney Island (see map for details). Rounding up the short list of line closures, daytime 3-line service is rerouted from New Lots Av to Flatbush Av on the 2-line.

Besides all that, we’ve got Brooklyn-bound F running via the Cranberry tubes. Then we have to deal with several express runs. Brooklyn-bound A and C trains run express along 8th Avenue, while uptown 1 trains bypass stations from 96 St to 145 St. Uptown 6 trains run nonstop from Parkchester to Pelham Bay Park and Queens-bound F and G trains are running express between Church Av and Smith-9 Sts. Finally, there are a couple local runs as well. E trains are local in both directions between Roosevelt Av and 71 Av, D trains stop at 23 St and 14 St & uptown 4 and 5 trains make local stops from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central.

I think that’s pretty much it. Check out the map for all the details. Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Mar 1st (7 Lines, SIRR Affected)

Good morning everyone. Once again, another snowstorm is upon us. That means most weekend work has been cancelled in advance. The only planned service changes that are still in place this weekend are on the F, L and M lines. Starting from the most problematic, the L line is suspended from Myrtle Av to 8 Av. Shuttle buses in Brooklyn and the M14 along 14th Street in Manhattan provide alternate service with extended M service connecting both routes. Finally, Brooklyn-bound F trains are running over the E-line again.

Click here for the map.

A reminder folks, while not illustrated on the map, some express lines may run local due to train storage in preparation of the upcoming storm. Check mta.info for any last minute service changes.