Labor Day Weekend

It’s amazing how fast time flies by. Monday is Labor Day and it looks like the weather will cooperate for this final weekend of the unofficial summer season. It’s unfortunate that the MTA isn’t as there is a slew of service changes in effect this weekend, most of them consolidated to lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. A few of them are extended into the holiday proper so watch out for those. Also, Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum will be closed Monday afternoon for the West Indian Day Parade and Church Avenue on Nostrand Avenue will be closed during the overnight hours on Monday for the J’ouvert Parade. The map is linked below. Enjoy the weekend.

Just a reminder, FASTRACK returns to the Lexington Avenue line next week. More information is available at

Saturday EDIT: As Amtrak7 pointed out in the comments, the service change on the J line in Brooklyn has been cancelled this weekend. The map has been updated to reflect that change.

Version 2 of the Map

Weekend of 8/25

The weekend is once again upon us, and that means yet another rough weekend for subway riders. The major disruptions include a split D service with the northern portion running from the Bronx to midtown Manhattan and the southern portion from Whitehall Street to Coney Island. There’s also no service on the 5 line south of East 180 Street, no 3 trains running east of Franklin Avenue. Compounding the issue further are the various reroutes on the 3, A, C, F, and Q lines. The map below has all of the service changes in detail. As always, enjoy the weekend and please plan ahead before you hop on that train.

Saturday EDIT: D trains run local between 36 St and Atlantic Av-Barclays Center. That is all.

Correct Map

Weekend of 8/18

Well it’s Friday again and that means another weekend of service changes. And oh boy, this week is going to be a doozy. The map below has the full details, but the major disruptions include a full closure of the Broadway tracks of the Manhattan Bridge, no service on the Livonia line in Brownsville and New Lots. There’s also no 5 train service south of East 180 Street, so expect longer wait times along the line in the Bronx and Manhattan. This weekend also marks the beginning of the Knickerbocker Avenue station rehabilitation, so you’re going to have to transfer to the B54 bus if you need that station. If there’s any winners this weekend, it’s those in Downtown Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan who have triple the service they normally see or those in Flatbush who get the rerouted 3 running along with the 2 down to Brooklyn College. As always, enjoy the weekend and pack a load of patience because you’re going to need it.


This Weekend’s Map

Weekend of 8/11

Well, it’s Friday again and this weekend looks like it might be a bit of a washout weather-wise, particularly on Saturday. This weekend will be pretty light on the service changes, especially considering what’s to come in the next few weeks. At a glance, most of the reroutes revolve around the D, specifically the Bronx-bound D. Trains are running via the N line in Brooklyn and the full express in the Bronx. The only other major service change in place this weekend is the northbound express run on the N and R lines. There are a couple of other minor changes in effect scattered around, all of which are shown on the map below. As always, enjoy the weekend and try to stay dry.
Weekend of August 11

The Return of the Weekender, 8/4-8/6

As you may or may not know, Shawn, the original creator of the Subway Weekender, has decided to call it quits late last month. Despite his assertions that there are many ways that are now used to show the various service disruptions that plague the NYC Subway system because of weekend construction, there aren’t many places online that visually show said service changes. The MTA’s Weekender doesn’t really count in my opinion as that relies way too heavily on its blinking dots on the Vignelli map. Those blinking dots can mean anything from a partial line shutdown to trains running local or express on a section of the line to anything else you can think of. The iTrans NYC app for Apple’s i-products comes close with how it shows which lines are stopping at a station when you click on it. However, it still isn’t something you can quickly glance at and say “this line is running here” or “this line is being replaced by shuttle buses for the weekend” without checking the service advisories.

Anyhow, following Shawn’s departure from illustrating the weekend service reroutes, I’ve decided to pick up where he left off. The weekender will be on this site from now on, hopefully with each weekend’s map posted Friday afternoon. Let’s start off with this weekend’s map.

Weekend of August 4, 2012