Weekend of Apr. 29th

04.29Good morning. As I will likely be away from my computer for a good part of the day, this is going up now instead of later this evening. As such, there may be some necessary alterations to be made later this weekend.

With that said, here are this weekend’s major service disruptions. Shuttle buses are back in vogue with suspensions in place on the 5, A, J, M and R lines. On the 5 and M lines, these closures are the usual places along the Dyre Ave and Myrtle Ave lines respectively. J trains are not running between Crescent St and Jamaica Center during the daytime hours. In preparation of the station rehab at Bay Ridge Av, R train service between 36 Street and 95 Street will be replaced by local N trains and shuttle buses. Finally, along the A-line, service is suspended between Euclid Av and both Lefferts Blvd and Howard Beach. Local shuttle buses will make all stops from Euclid Av to Howard Beach via Lefferts Blvd while express buses run non-stop between the two terminals.

There are a few other service changes, like the persistent suspension of 4 train service between Brooklyn Bridge and Utica Av and outbound local-only service along Queens Blvd.

Map: 04.29-05.01

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Apr. 22nd

04.22Good evening. As you can tell from the screenshot, getting around Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn will be interesting this weekend. For starters, we have a few recurring service changes, like the everlasting suspension of 4 train service in Brooklyn, the reroutes of A and C trains and absolutely no service along the Myrtle Ave line. In addition to those, E trains are still running via 6th Avenue and 5 trains will not run to Dyre Av. While on the subject of the 5 trains, there is an interesting service change this weekend affecting that line. On Saturday, service will be completely suspended with shuttle buses replacing service between E 180 Street and Dyre Av, along with 2 and local 4 trains picking up the slack along the rest of the route. On Sunday, service is back to its usual route (well for that line, that is), running between E 180 Street and Grand Central.

Check out the map for the rest of this weekend’s service changes

Map for 04.22-04.24


Weekend of Apr. 15th

Good evening. This weekend, 4 trains are still not running in Brooklyn. Service on the Dyre Ave line is still suspended. E trains are still running on the F-line in Manhattan. To add on to that list, 1 trains are once again not running past 14 Street. Wrapping up the list of suspensions, shuttle buses will replace L trains between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction.

For the full list of this weekend’s service changes, see the map linked below.

Map: 04.15-04.17


Weekend of Apr. 8th

BusapaloozaGood evening. As you can likely tell from the screenshot above, this weekend is all about buses. If you’re not a fan of shuttle buses, you are in for a long weekend. Let’s jump right into this. Continuing work will take out the Myrtle Ave line, thus diverting M service to Broadway Junction. Adding to that, shuttle buses will replace service on the following lines and sections:

  • 3 4 – Utica Av to New Lots Av
  • 5 – E 180 Street to Dyre Av
  • G – Bedford-Nostrand Avs to Court Sq
  • J – Crescent St to Jamaica Center

To add to that mess, there is also a closure of the Clark St tunnels to contend with. That means there is no 2 or 3 train service running into Brooklyn this weekend. Local 4 and extended 5 trains will run in their place. As a byproduct of this service change, 2 trains will only run to E 180 Street while 5 trains are extended to Wakefield. To close out, there are some major reroutes to deal with as well, including almost full local-only service along Queens Blvd and the Coney Island-bound D trains running across the Sea Beach line in Brooklyn.

Map: 04.08-04.10

Enjoy the weekend.