Weekend of July 22nd

07.22Good evening. This is going to be a busy weekend for service changes and disruptions. To start, ongoing work on the Queens Blvd line will continue, with E and F trains terminating at 71 Avenue, along with the suspension of R train service east of Queens Plaza. Another recurring suspension is along the Dyre Ave. All uptown 2 trains will terminate at E 180 Street with shuttle buses replacing normal service through Dyre Av. Adding to these service changes, we have suspensions in place on the 1, D and R lines in various locations. 1 trains are not running between 137 St-City College and Van Cortlandt Park. D train service is split, with no trains running between Broadway-Lafayette St and Atlantic Av. As usual, shuttle buses will run to Grand St and the Brooklyn-D will run express on 4th Avenue the entire weekend. Finally, along with the aforementioned Queens suspension, R trains will also not run between 36 St-4 Av and 95 Street. To accommodate these disruptions, A and C trains will run express along 8th Avenue proper while E and F trains will make all stops to Forest Hills.

Map: 07.22-07.24

Weekend of July 15th

Good afternoon. If you remember the service changes in effect two weeks ago, you’re in good shape for this weekend. Once again, 5 train service is suspended between 86 Street and 241 Street. 2 trains will run to Wakefield this weekend while shuttle buses replace service along the Dyre Ave line.

Other major service changes include the ongoing suspension of all Queens Blvd service east of 71 Avenue and the reroute of A and C trains over the F-line between W 4 Street and Jay St.

Map: 07.15-07.17

Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday Edit: The Brighton service change has been cancelled for this weekend. The map has been updated to reflect this change.

Weekend of July 8th

Good evening. This weekend marks the beginning of a month-long suspension of service on the Queens Blvd line east of Forest Hills. Track and switch replacement in the area of 75 Avenue is the cause of this massive disruption. Shuttle buses will replace all train service between 71 Avenue and either Jamaica Center or 179 Street. Also, R train service will be suspended between Queens Plaza and 71 Avenue, with E and F local trains replacing normal service.

Besides that major disruption, it’s an otherwise relatively light weekend. A and C trains are once again running on the F-line through the Rutgers tunnels. 5 train service is split at E 180 Street with through service running to/from Dyre Av.

Map for 07.08-07.10
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of July 1st

07.01Good evening. This weekend marks the beginning of the long-term closure of the Myrtle Ave line. Starting tomorrow, all daytime and evening service will be rerouted to Broadway Junction with express and local shuttle buses providing alternate service to all M-line stations. Moving on to the other long-term service change, this weekend’s service changes for the Clark St closure are a bit different due to work around 125 Street on the Lexington Ave line. This weekend, 2 trains will run between 241 Street and South Ferry while shuttle buses replace service along Dyre Ave. 5 train service has been cut back to 86 Street, running to Flatbush Av all weekend. Also, a side effect of the work in the area, 4 train service is split at 125 Street.

Other than the major service disruptions mentioned above, it’s a fairly light weekend. Ongoing station rehab work will force the R trains to 9 Avenue. Finally, F trains are really trying to be an 8th Avenue service, running on the E and C-lines from Roosevelt Av to Jay St. Be mindful of the express runs on 8th Avenue and along the Brighton line.

Map for 07.01-07.03

Weekend of June 24th

06.24Good evening. Work on the Clark St tunnels and the Myrtle Ave line continue. In addition to those ongoing service changes, there is a partial closure of the Jamaica line between Crescent St and Jamaica Center on Saturday. Shuttle buses will run from the Jamaica-Van Wyck Blvd E-line station to Crescent St. Other service changes include Brooklyn-bound N and R trains running over the Manhattan Bridge, local-only service to Manhattan between Forest Hills and Jackson Heights, and express-only service on the Broadway line from 34 Street to Canal St. Reminder that starting next weekend, work on the Myrtle Ave line begins in full, meaning there will be no service along Myrtle Ave starting July 1st.

Map: 06.24 – 06.26

Weekend of June 17th

Good evening. This weekend marks the beginning of Fix and Fortify work on the Clark St tunnels. 2 and 3 trains will not run between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Expanded 4 and 5 local service will replace normal service from 7th Avenue. This service change will be in effect every weekend through April 2018.

Shifting gears, there are several other service changes to contend with. J and M trains are once again not running past Crescent St and Myrtle Av respectively. Shuttle buses replace G trains between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Court Sq. As usual, there is no service along the Dyre Ave line.

Finally, there are a couple of major reroutes in place. E and F trains are running local in Queens in both directions. Speaking of the latter, F trains are running via the E and C lines from Roosevelt Av to Jay St.

Map 06.17-06.19

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: As mentioned in the comments, N trains are running normally in Brooklyn. The map linked above has been updated to reflect this. Apologies for the late update, but I was away from my computer for all of yesterday.

Weekend of June 9th

part-time 4,A,C reroutesGood evening. Before we jump into this weekend’s service disruptions, there are a couple important long-term projects that begin in the coming weeks. First, starting the weekend of June 16th and continuing through next April, there will be no 7th Avenue service between Manhattan and Brooklyn on weekends. 4 trains will operate local in Brooklyn, running to New Lots Av while extended 5 train service will run to Flatbush Av. Weekday service will remain unchanged, which cannot be said for the next major service change.

The much-anticipated Myrtle Ave shutdown will commence in full starting July 1st. There will be absolutely no service along the Myrtle Ave line for those first two months of the closure. Following that, special shuttle trains will operate between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs. Service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, including the weekend service to Essex St, will be rerouted to Broadway Junction on the J-line. While on the subject of the J trains, weekday express and skip-stop service will be suspended between Broadway Junction and Marcy Av to better facilitate the rerouted M service’s operation.

With that out the way, let’s get to the normal nonsense. As Sunday is the Puerto Rican Day parade, quite a few of this weekend’s service changes end on Saturday or early Sunday morning. Examples include the suspension of 4 train service south of Brooklyn Bridge and the reroute of A and C trains between W 4 Street and Jay St. However, there are still a few disruptions that will last the entire weekend. Shuttle buses will replace trains between Utica Av and New Lots Av, as well as along the Crosstown line between Court Sq and Bedford-Nostrand Avs. To wrap up this post, that pesky psuedo-FASTRACK at Coney Island has returned to the D and N-lines. This time, however, the powers that be have decided to run some shuttle buses rather than force riders to the local bus network.

Map: 06.10-06.12

Enjoy the weekend.