Weekend of Dec 28th (6 Lines, Rockaway Pk Shuttle, SIR Affected)

Good evening everyone. It’s yet another light weekend on the rails. Though it isn’t if you’re using the E-line. Along with the continuing work that sends the A trains bound for Far Rockaway to Rockaway Park and splits up the D at Bedford Park Blvd, E-trains are running via the F-line in both directions between 21 St-Queensbridge and West 4 St. Enjoy this weekend because starting next week, we get back into the regular swing of things with quite a few service changes in place. The map is below as usual.


Weekend of Dec 21st (7 Lines, Rockaway Pk Shuttle, SIR Affected)

Good evening everyone. It’s another light weekend on the rails in terms of subway construction. The only major reroute is on the A-line in the Rockaways. Trains run to/from Rockaway Park instead of Far Rockaway again. Bronx-bound 6 trains are bypassing stops between Parkchester and Pelham Bay Park and all 5 trains skip Pelham Pkwy.

See the map for the details. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Holidays.


Weekend of Dec 14th (6 Lines Affected)

Good evening everyone. With the upcoming snowstorm expected to hit this weekend, all above ground work has been cancelled. Scheduled work below ground will continue though. 5-trains still bypass Pelham Pkwy and service on the G-line will be replaced by shuttle buses between Nassau Av and Court Sq. Also, D-line service will be split up at Bedford Park Blvd as it was last weekend. Speaking of last weekend, it has been brought to my attention that I neglected to mention the additional E-line service (which is supposed to continue this weekend as well). I noticed that, but I was away from my computer for most of the weekend and was unable to update the map. I always try to keep up with any last minute updates and general errors I may have missed, but I as always implore my readers to check the MTA’s website for any and all service changes.

That’s all for this weekend. I will try to keep on top of any changes in service due to the snow. The map is linked below. Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Dec 7th (11 Lines, 2 Shuttles, SIR Affected)

Good evening folks. It’s another light weekend on the rails, though not as light if today’s post title is any indication. While there are no service changes on the entire island of Manhattan (besides the ongoing work in the Montague tubes obviously), but there are still some significant disruptions in place in the other boroughs. For instance, the M is completely suspended again. (Though this may depend on when the emergency work on the L-line wraps up; more on that below.) The F and Q-lines are also affected by a shutdown of the Culver/Brighton tracks between Coney Island and Avenue X or Brighton Beach respectively. Finally, A-line service to/from the Rockaways, specifically Far Rockaway, will be rerouted to Rockaway Park. Shuttle buses will replace service along the Far Rockaway stretch of the line.

As I mentioned before and I’m sure you’re probably aware of now, the L-line has been severely hampered by a massive signal failure along the Canarsie line in Brooklyn. The MTA has been working on fixing this problem since it appeared yesterday evening. As I don’t have any information as to when regular service will resume, the current service pattern (of this writing) of limited service between 8 Av & Myrtle Av and Broadway Junction and Canarsie with shuttle buses connecting the two segments is not on the map. I advise all readers to check the MTA’s website for updates on this (and all other emergency service alerts), but that should be a given around here.

The map has everything else. Have a nice weekend everyone.