Weekend of 9/29

Apologies for the lateness. I was a bit hung up earlier, so, yeah. Once again, it’s a bit of the same this weekend as it has been for the past few ones. Besides the usual diversions and/or truncations of the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the big changes to service that are in effect this weekend are the closure of the 60th Street Tube for the Broadway line and the suspension of A train service between Howard Beach and the Rockaways peninsula. The map below shows how to get around all this. As always, enjoy the weekend.

SATURDAY EDIT: E trains run local in both directions between Queens Plaza and Roosevelt Av. The map has been updated to reflect that.

SUNDAY EDIT: The planned work in the 60th Street (Broadway line) tunnel ended sometime yesterday, so N, Q and R trains are running their normal routes. For some reason, the E is still running local even though the R is stopping at Queens Plaza again.

Version 3 of this weekend’s map

Weekend of 9/22

It’s Friday again and I’m sure you all know what that means. More service changes in the subway. Oddly enough, this weekend’s service is almost a carbon copy of two weeks ago. The only change is that the 5 is running its normal route. Don’t get used to it though. In some good news, for those who aren’t already of this, the Bleecker St/Broadway-Lafayette St transfer connection finally opens this Tuesday. So no more having to backtrack to Brooklyn Bridge for the uptown 6 train. The map is below; enjoy the weekend.

Map for the Weekend

Weekend of 9/15

Another week goes by, another weekend of the same old same old. The 5 is still stuck as a shuttle, the 3 and 4 aren’t running to New Lots, the D is split up again and the J is truncated to Crescent St. Also watch out for the express runs of the N and R in Manhattan and the Q in Brooklyn. The map has all the details. Enjoy the weekend.

EDIT: The Q isn’t running express in Brooklyn and the SIR isn’t being held for the ferry for this weekend. Updated map is below.

Corrected Map

Weekend of 9/8

Alright folks, here are the weekend service changes and boy, is it going to be another rough one or what? We have four lines that have their train service replaced by shuttle buses. The big ones are the complete shutdown of the Myrtle Avenue elevated and the closure of the Culver Viaduct between Jay Street and 18th Avenue. There’s also the ongoing work on the Livonia Avenue elevated in Brooklyn and the Jamaica elevated. The map is below. Oh, and one more thing, the C trains aren’t running to/from Brooklyn; take the F trains instead. The map is below with all of the service disruptions. Have a nice weekend and hopefully you can avoid some of this mess.

The Map