Labor Day Weekend 2013

Good evening everyone. Hope that everyone not only had a good week, but also a good summer as well. The MTA does have a few service disruptions scheduled this weekend but most of them don’t last through the holiday proper. Running though the list of service changes, the major disruptions are on the E and L lines, the former of which does last through Tuesday morning. Queens-bound E trains are running via the F-line between W 4 St and 21 St-Queensbridge while shuttle buses are replacing the L trains between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction. This weekend also marks the return of the scheduled N via the West End D-line. Coney Island-bound that is. This is the other major disruption that ends Tuesday instead of Monday. Other than that, it’s pretty quiet besides a couple of express runs on the 1 and C in Manhattan the Manhattan-bound N trains in Queens. Also watch out for station closures at Church Av on the 2-line and Eastern Pkwy on the 2 & 3-lines due to J’ouvert Parade and West Indian Day Parade respectively. The map has all the details. Enjoy the long weekend.Map


Weekend of August 24th

Good evening everyone. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable week. You’re probably not going to have a good weekend if you need to take certain subway lines this weekend. First off, G-line work continues north of Nassau Av, so you’ll have to use the shuttle buses if you’re heading toward Court Sq. The 6-line is also split up again. This time it’s confirmed so no confusion as to whether trains are running normally this weekend. Speaking of running normally, the J trains are finally running between Jamaica Center and Chambers St, Manhattan. Of course, the catch is that Queens-bound trains run express between Myrtle Av and Broadway Junction.

Highlighting the rest of the weekend’s big disruptions are the complete loss of the M-line (replaced by shuttle buses, not J trains this time), the loss of the E trains between W 4 St and the World Trade Center and the E/F switcheroo. Queens-bound E trains run via the M-line between W 4 St and 5 Av-53 St while Queens-bound F trains run via the E-line between Rockefeller Ctr and Roosevelt Av. There’s also the truncation of the L-line from 8 Av to 14 St-Union Sq. Customers are being advised to use the M14 buses along 14th Street for alternate service.

Rounding out the rest of the service changes are the following express runs:

  • downtown 1: 14 St to Chambers St
  • Manhattan-bound 6: Hunts Point Av to 3 Av-138 St
  • uptown A/C: skips Fulton St, Spring St, 23 St and 50 St
  • Manhattan-bound N: Astoria Blvd to Queensboro Plaza
  • 95 St-bound R: Canal St to 36 St/4 Av.

Also, Bronx-bound 4 and 5 trains run local from Grand Central to 125 St.

As always, everything’s illustrated in map form below. Enjoy the weekend. They say it’s going to be a pretty nice one.


Weekend of August 17th

Eh, better late than never. For those interested, I was away from my computer all day yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post the new map for the weekend. But enough about me, let’s do this thing, hmm?

First off, as you should know by now, Central Av on the M-line has reopened as of yesterday afternoon, but that’s about it for the good news. The G still isn’t running north of Nassau Av. J train service is still split with the western half replacing the M. New this weekend are the 1-line shutdown between 137 St-City College and Van Cortlandt Park and the express runs on the Queens-bound E, F and R trains along the Queens Blvd line. Queens-bound E trains also run via the M-line from 2 Av (all trains begin/end service at 2 Av) through 5 Av-53 St; Brooklyn-bound F trains are running via the E line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Ctr. There are also the express runs on the uptown C between Canal St and Columbus Circle, the Queens-bound 7 between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St and the Brooklyn-bound R trains between Canal St and 36 St/4 Av. As always, the map has it all illustrated for easy comprehension. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


P.S. I’m aware of the split 6 situation. It’s not on the map because the work was technically cancelled. It popped up as a track maintenance service change on the website, so just keep in mind that you’ll need to transfer between trains at 125 St for continuing service on the 6-line.

SUNDAY EDIT: I’ve decided to update the map to include the split 6 and the related service changes on the 4 and 5.

Revised Map

Weekend of August 10th

Good afternoon everyone. I’ll make this brief since I’m a bit short on time. Due to the Dominican Day Parade on the 11th, most of this weekend’s service disruptions end by 5 AM Sunday instead of Monday. Highlighting this weekend’s service changes are the split of the 6-line in Harlem and the continuation of the G-line suspension north of Nassau Av. There are express runs on the 1, C and F in Manhattan, the 7 in Queens, the 6 in the Bronx and the Q and R in Brooklyn. Also, the 4 and 5 trains run local in Manhattan – in both directions south of Grand Central and in the northbound direction north of Grand Central.

As I said in the opening, most of these disruptions aren’t in effect on Sunday. Only the ones on the F and Q, as well as the local runs on the 4 & 5 between 42 St and the Brooklyn Bridge will remain in place on Sunday. To make this easier to understand, I made a map for each day. They’re both posted below. Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday (12:01 Sat to 5AM Sun)


Weekend of August 3rd

Good evening everyone. You may have noticed the slight redesign of the site. I felt it was time for a change. It may change again, so look out for that. With that said, let’s jump right into this, shall we? First off, as I’ve mentioned several times over, this weekend begins the 14-month closure of the Montague Street (R-line) tubes in both directions. Concerning the weekends (as well as all late nights), all Broadway line service will run over the Manhattan Bridge, meaning there will be no service from City Hall to Jay St-MetroTech (R-line platforms). Customers are advised to use nearby subway lines for alternative service.

Since we’re past that, we have the somewhat usual round of service disruptions. The other “Fix & Fortify” disruption is back in play. The G is cut back to Nassau Av again. Another returning service change is the split 2-line with no service between 3 Av in the Bronx and 135 St in Harlem. The 5 is also split because of this with no service between E 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. Continuing from last week, the J-line split is back. M service is suspended with the J picking up the slack on Myrtle Avenue. Rounding out this weekend’s service changes are express runs on the C along 8th Avenue and the Q & R in Brooklyn as well as the Queens-bound F running both via the Cranberry Street (A,C) tubes and the 53rd Street (E) line.

Click here for the map. Enjoy the weekend and follow me on Twitter. I’ll try to update any changes there first.