Weekend of Jan. 30th

Good evening. Well, another month draws to a close, but that means little when it comes to subway service disruptions. This week marks the beginning of a multi-weekend shutdown of most of the Brighton line (and the Q with it). For the next few weeks, Q trains will only run between Kings Highway and Stillwell Av, while N and R trains and shuttle buses carry the rest of the line. There’s also a suspension of service along the Williamsburg Bridge for the next few weeks. J train service will only run as far as Hewes St and the M will be reduced to a shuttle between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the other service changes in place this weekend. First, A train service will be suspended between Euclid Av and Lefferts Blvd. Finally, there will be no 4 trains running in Brooklyn this weekend. Moving from the full suspensions, there are a couple of major reroutes in effect as well. Brooklyn-bound F trains are desperately trying to be E trains in Manhattan, bunking with the E from Roosevelt Av to W 4 Street. Sticking with the F, Queens Blvd as a whole is messed up with all Manhattan-bound service running local and Jamaica- and Forest Hills-bound trains running express.

As per usual, there are a few other express runs scattered about. The map has the details on those, along with the rest of this weekend’s service changes.

Map for 01.30-02.01

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 23rd

Good evening. In anticipation of tomorrow’s snow storm, all of the weekend service disruptions have been cancelled. While trains are supposed to run normally, that will likely not be the case. Most express lines will probably be running local on most if not their entire lines as the express tracks will be used for train storage. Check out mta.info for the latest. One thing to keep in mind: starting Tuesday, uptown 4 and 6 trains will bypass 103 Street, while Coney Island-bound F trains skip Ditmas Av.

The normal weekend map is linked below.

Normal Weekend Service

Enjoy the weekend and do try not to make any unnecessary trips tomorrow.

Weekend of Jan. 16th

Good evening folks and Happy Friday. It’s not a good weekend on the subway, especially if you’re trying to travel between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Once again, A and C trains are rerouted over the F-line in both directions from W 4 Street to Jay St in Downtown Brooklyn. However, the biggest disruption is on the D-line. There is no service between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Coney Island. N trains (running via the West End line in preparation of the Sea Beach renovations) will replace normal service in Brooklyn.

Other service changes include the E trains running via the F-line between Jackson Heights and Washington Sq, local-only service on the Queens Blvd line and a couple of one-direction express runs scattered around.

As always, the map has the details. Since I’m typing this on mobile, this is an offsite link. I’ll move it later.

Weekend Map
Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 9th

Good evening folks. It’s another “meh” weekend in terms of service disruptions. There isn’t a lot of things happening, but if you use one of the lines that are affected, you’ll notice. First off, E trains are running on the F-line in both directions between Jackson Heights and Washington Sq. A and C trains are rerouted via the Rutgers St tunnels in both directions as well. There are a couple of minor express runs scattered about, mainly on the 7, E and F lines in Queens.

The map has the details. Click on the link for it.

1.9 Weekend Map

Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 2nd, 2016

Good evening and happy new year. With the holidays over, we will be getting back to normal in terms of service disruptions. This weekend, we’ll ease back into the swing of things. First off, there will be no 4 train service in Brooklyn. 3 train service will be extended to New Lots Av during the overnight hours. There will also be no A trains running on the Lefferts Blvd branch. Wrapping up the list of suspensions, daytime service to Coney Island will be suspended on the D and N lines.

We also have a few express runs in place as well. Downtown 6 trains are running express between 125 Street and Grand Central. Manhattan-bound E and F trains will bypass all local stops through 71 Avenue. Speaking of the E-line, Manhattan-bound trains will also run local from Forest Hills to Queens Plaza.

As always, the map has the details. Click on the link for it.

Map for 01.02.2016

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.