Weekend of Feb. 22nd (13 Lines, Franklin Shuttle, SIRR Affected)

Good evening folks. Well, it’s one of those weekends that’s long been delayed. First off, this weekend marks the start of the full-time closure of the Coney Island-bound platforms at Parkside Av, Beverley Rd and Cortelyou Rd. This is due to station rehabilitation. Moving on to the weekend-only disruptions, the 4-line is completely suspended. As in you’re not seeing a 4 train for most of this weekend. The 5 is being extended to the 4’s normal terminals in its place while nearby D trains will handle the line in the Bronx. Also, the A and C lines are affected by the Fulton Street shutdown from Jay St to Utica Av. A-line service is split between the two endpoints while the C will run only to 2 Av on the F-line. The Queens Blvd line is once again affected by construction work. Service runs local in one section or direction, but express in another. Don’t worry, it’s all mapped out in detail. A few other express runs are scattered about, but those are relatively minor. Click on the link below for the map, which includes the 7-line outage east of Citi Field. Enjoy the mild weekend, especially since it’s not expected to last long.



President’s Day Weekend 2014 (4 Lines Affected)

Good morning folks. It’s a tad late, but whatever. This weekend was supposed to be quite busy in terms of service outages and disruptions, but all work not related to long-term rehabs or reconstruction has been cancelled most likely due to yet another snowstorm hitting the city. The only exception to this is on the 7-line. There still is no service running between Willets Point and Flushing-Main. While on the subject of these continually postponed service changes, I have a strong feeling that all of this cancelled work will mean a headache come Spring and Summer since this work will have to get done eventually. As always, the map is linked below, not that you’ll really need it considering. Enjoy the long weekend.


Weekend of Feb 8th (8 Lines Affected)

Hello everyone. This weekend was littered with several major service disruptions, but a few of them were cancelled, likely due to the weather. There are a couple that are still in place however. A-line service is replaced by shuttle buses between Jay St and Utica Av while C train service is truncated to Chambers St/World Trade Center. Brooklyn-bound F trains once again run via the E-line from Roosevelt Av to Rockefeller Center. Riders along Queens Blvd will have to deal with express only service heading toward Manhattan along the entire stretch of the line. Finally, downtown F and G trains continue to run express between Smith-9 Sts and Church Av. Click the link for the map and enjoy the weekend folks.