Weekend of Nov 30 (7 Lines Affected)

Good evening everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the extended weekend. In light of the holiday weekend, service disruptions have been kept to a minimum. The only major change from normal service is on the E-line, which has the line suspended between Briarwood-Van Wyck Blvd and Jamaica Center. There’s also the reroute of the A and C-lines over to the F-line, Manhattan-bound. That’s pretty much it. Just watch out if you’re using the 5-line in the Bronx on Sunday. Service is suspended between E 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse for the entire day. (2-line service is unaffected.) Check out the map for details. Enjoy.


Weekend of Nov 23rd (16 Lines, SIRR, 2 Shuttles Affected)

Good evening everyone. This weekend is another busy one. Not as bad as last weekend by a long shot, but still messy. First off, FASTRACK hits the Coney Island lines for the last time this year. Once again, D and N service is truncated to Bay Pkwy and 86 St respectively. Local buses will provide alternate service. The map has all the details of that.

Concerning the rest of the service changes, the 4 is still not running north of 161 St. This is the last consecutive weekend of this, thankfully. Also, direct service to the Rockaways has been cut again. The 7 isn’t running west of Queensboro Plaza and the E still isn’t running to Jamaica Center. Finally, the M-line is completely suspended and replaced by shuttle buses.

With the major disruptions out of the way, we have the usual suspects of service changes. The Brooklyn-bound F trains run via the E-line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Center. Brooklyn-bound A and D are running local along Central Park West again. Downtown C (and A) trains run express between 59 St and Canal St. (E-line service is unaffected here.) Manhattan-bound 5 trains run express between Dyre Av and East 180 St, while Pelham Bay Park-bound 6 trains run express from Parkchester to Pelham Bay. Finally, Queens-bound F and G trains are running express between Church Av and Smith-9 Sts.

That is all. See the map for clarity. Enjoy the weekend and brace for some incoming frigid weather. All the more reason to make sure you’re train is stopping at your station. Map

Weekend of Nov 16th (17 Lines Affected)

Good evening everyone. Let’s get this out of the way right now. This weekend will not be a good one for subway riders. The title of this post pretty much sets the tone of this weekend’s service disruptions. A whopping 17 subway lines will be impacted by regular maintenance and construction and a good number of those aren’t simple express/local runs.

For starters, the L line is cut back from 8 Av all the way to Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs. The M will as usual, pick up some of the slack by running from Metropolitan Av to 57 St/6 Av at all times except the overnight hours, but riders will still have to deal with shuttle buses in Brooklyn and the local M14 buses in Manhattan.

The other major service disruption affects the Q-line. Service will only run between Church Av and Coney Island, with shuttle buses connecting Church Av to the Barclays Center station. Riders along the Broadway line will have to deal with the N and R trains for all service.

Even the Staten Island Railway gets into the disruption action. And I’m not talking about the usual “trains leave exactly according to the schedule” service change. Shuttle buses will be running in lieu of trains between Old Town and Saint George.

This weekend also marks the first of a multi-weekend project on the Archer Avenue line. E-trains are rerouted over to the F-line from Briarwood to 179 St with shuttle buses providing alternate service to Jamaica Center. We also have to deal with the ongoing work on the 4-line in the Bronx, which has service truncated to 161 St, per usual. 7-line service is once again truncated, though at least not this time to Queensboro Plaza. Instead, there’s no service between Willets Point and Flushing-Main. Rounding this weekend out, Brooklyn-bound F-trains run via 53rd Street again, Bronx-bound 2, 5 and 6 trains all run express in the Bronx. Queens Blvd will see another weekend of express runs on the Manhattan-bound R-trains. We have a few other minor express or local runs spread out amongst this mess. See the map for all the details.


Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of Nov 8th (13 Lines, 2 Shuttles Affected)

Good evening everyone. Here are the highlights of this weekend’s service disruptions. 7-line service is once again truncated westbound to Queensboro Plaza, as is the 4 northbound to 161 St-Yankee Stadium. This is the last consecutive weekend where direct service to the Rockaways will be suspended. Rounding out the list of line suspensions, J train service is split with buses replacing trains between Essex St and Hewes St.

Work continues on Central Park West and 8th Avenue proper, so A and D trains will run local through 59 St-Columbus Circle southbound, while all C trains will bypass 50 St, 23 St and Spring St. Queens-bound F trains will be running through the Cranberry tubes (C-line) and via 53rd Street (E-line). Finally, Manhattan-bound 6 trains are running express from Parkchester to 3 Av.

Enjoy the weekend. Click the link for the map.

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Weekend of Nov 2nd (13 Lines, Shuttle Affected)

Good evening everyone. Hopefully all of you had a nice week. It’s another so-so weekend in terms of service disruptions. Not a good one by any stretch, but not a terrible one either. The 4-line disruption between 161 St and Woodlawn is back (and will stick around all month), as are the “bustitutions” of the entire M-line and the A-line between Howard Beach and the Rockaways. Work continues along the entire length of the Eighth Avenue line, causing the Brooklyn-bound A and D trains to run local along Central Park West, while downtown A and C trains run express from 59 St to Canal St. Manhattan-bound riders at local stations along Queens Blvd will have to backtrack as all service inbound is express between Parsons Blvd through Queens Plaza. This is the last consecutive weekend of Culver Viaduct work where trains are running express in one direction (this time Coney Island/Church Av-bound). Finally, I’m sure there will be one weekend where both directions of the F will stay on 63rd Street. Not this weekend though. Brooklyn-bound trains run via the E-line for the umpteenth time. Click the link for the map. Enjoy the weekend folks.