Weekend of September 28th

Good evening everyone. Well, we’ve reached the end of another month, as well as another quarter. And we’ve got a bit of a mess this weekend. Let’s start in Manhattan where several of the service changes are in effect. The 1 is once again truncated from South Ferry to 14 St. The shuttle buses run their normal route between Chambers St and South Ferry while the 2 and 3 pick up the slack running local between Penn Station and Chambers St. We’ve also got the Brooklyn-bound F trains running via the E-line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Center. The Brooklyn-bound A and D trains run local from 168 St or 145 St respectively through 59 St-Columbus Circle while the downtown 6 trains run express from Harlem to Grand Central.

Leaving the island, we’ve got a few more service disruptions. They’re still Fixing and Fortifying the G-line so there’s no service north of Nassau Av. Normal track work has train service replaced by shuttle buses on the L-line between Lorimer St and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs. Finally, more ongoing track work on Dyre Avenue in the Bronx is pushing Manhattan-bound 5 trains over to the express track from Dyre Av to E 180 St.

Everything as always is in map form below.

Subway Map

And while I know this is primarily for the subway, I figured I post this here as well. Here’s the newest (weekend) service pattern for the New Haven Line.

New Haven Line Weekend Service

Enjoy the weekend.