Weekend of Jan. 31st

Good evening everyone. Originally we had a few more service changes than are actually posted on these two maps. That’s right, I said two maps. There are a few changes in place that only run through late Saturday, well really only one closure along Lenox Ave that affects four subway lines, that I decided to make separate maps for both days. It makes things a little cleaner in my opinion.

Now to get to those service disruptions. As previously stated, the Lenox Ave line will be shutdown on Saturday, forcing a split of the 2-line and complete or partial suspensions of the 3 and 5 lines respectively. The only other suspensions in place are on the 7 west of Queensboro Plaza and the L between Union Square and 8 Av. As I mentioned, there were other major diversions in place, but they were cancelled, possibly because of the bone-chilling temperatures tomorrow and the threat of another snowstorm come Sunday evening.

Check out both maps for the full details.



Enjoy the weekend and try to stay warm folks.

SUNDAY EDIT: Trains run normally on 8th Avenue for the remainder of this weekend. However, due to the Cold Weather Plans in effect, service may run local in sections.

Weekend of Jan. 25th

With the upcoming “snowstorm” arriving tonight into tomorrow morning, service diversions planned for the outdoor lines have been cancelled this weekend. All of the remaining service changes in place are carried over from last weekend, so everyone should be familiar with them. For example, 7 train service will be suspended west of Queensboro Plaza. There will also be no 5 trains running south of E 180 St. The reason for this is due to the split 4 service arrangement that is in effect. Finally, E trains are rerouted over to the Hillside Ave line to/from 179 St.


Check out the map for all of the details, and as always, keep up with mta.info for the latest service advisories. Enjoy the weekend and don’t get snowed in by all that snow. All one to two inches of it.

Weekend of Jan. 17th

Good afternoon everyone. It’s another busy weekend on the rails, but for different reasons than last week. With that said, work on the 8th Ave line continues which means limited service on the C and downtown trains are running express through Canal St.

Instead of split 6 train service, 4 trains will be split up at 125 St. There’s also no 5 trains running past E 180 St southbound. Speaking of suspensions, both the Archer Ave and western end of the Flushing lines are closed off this weekend. Shuttle buses will connect riders from Jamaica Center to Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike on the Jamaica end. The usual shuttle bus routine is also in effect for the 7-line suspension. The final truncation of service is on the 14th Street line. West-bound service on the L-line will terminate at Union Square.

There are also a few other service changes in place as well. Coney Island-bound D trains are running over the Sea Beach N-line after 36 St. Brooklyn-bound F trains will run via 53rd St between Roosevelt Av and 5 Av-53 St. We’ve got limited service on the 6-line north of Parkchester with half of all trains terminating there. Finally, there is one-directional express service in place on both the Brighton (Q) and Culver (F) lines.

As always, the map has the details. Click on the link for it.

Updated Map

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: Q trains are running normally on the Brighton line. The map has been updated to reflect this change.

Weekend of Jan. 10th

Good afternoon everyone. First things first, all of last weekend’s service changes are in place this weekend. That means there are no 6 trains south of 125 St, the mess on Broadway is still in place and it’s slow-going on Queens Blvd with local-only service throughout the entire line.

There are a couple of additions however. They’re mainly express runs so they aren’t that major, but they will likely be a nuisance. Downtown 1 and 2 trains are express-only between 96 St and Times Square. Queens-bound F trains are bypassing 14 St and 23 St. Finally, Coney Island-bound Q trains will run express along the entirety of the Brighton line. Also before I forget, Coney Island-bound local service along 4th Avenue will continue for an additional two hours or so each night this weekend, so keep that in mind.

As always, the mess is mapped out for your convenience. Click on the link for it.


Have a nice weekend.

Weekend of Jan. 3rd

Happy New Year everyone. With the holidays over, we now return to the usual mess that is weekend disruptions. And this weekend is a doozy. For starters, there is no 6 trains running south of 125 St. 5 trains, running local in Manhattan, will operate all weekend as a replacement. Another major service change affects the Broadway lines. The 60th Street tube, which carries the N and R between Queens and Manhattan, is closed this weekend, causing reroutes and split service operations. There is no direct N train service between Queens and Manhattan; northbound Q trains are terminating at Times Square; and R trains are running via 63rd Street to avoid the closure. The final service suspension affects the 7-line. There are no trains running between Willets Point and Flushing.

Riders will also have to contend with local-only service along Queens Blvd, so it will be another weekend of slow service. Finally, as part of a month-long (weekends only though) service change, downtown trains on 8th Ave are express only, while there is reduced service on the C-line as part of this.

The map as always, has all of the details for easy viewing. Click on the link for the details. Enjoy the weekend.