Weekend of Aug. 1st

Well, we’ve reached the midway point of summer and it’s actually starting to feel like it. To prevent people from standing on sweltering platforms waiting for trains that aren’t coming, you’ll want to pay attention to this week’s service disruptions. First off, the 5 is running again. Don’t celebrate because it’s still split with no service between E 180 Street and 3 Avenue. The 2 trains are the alternate mode of service for most of the suspension. However, there are no 2 trains running from 3 Avenue to 96 Street. Because of that Lenox Ave suspension, 3 trains are not running at all this weekend. 4 trains are picking up the slack in Brooklyn, running local to New Lots Av.

Speaking of partial line suspensions, there are no J and M trains running between Brooklyn and Manhattan during the daytime hours. M service is cut back to Myrtle Av-Broadway while J trains are not running past Hewes St. Shuttle buses are only bridging the gap between Hewes St and Essex St, so expect heavier crowds on the Lexington Ave line.

Rounding out this weekend’s service changes, Coney Island-bound D trains are running on the Sea Beach line again. Also, Brooklyn-bound N and Q trains are running on the R-line between Canal St and DeKalb Av. Be mindful of the ever-present express runs scattered about.

Weekend Map

Enjoy the weekend and stay cool.

Weekend of July 25th

Good evening everyone. This weekend, we have more of the same carrying over from last weekend, which means almost every line is affected by service disruptions. The 5 trains are still not running. 2 train service is once again suspended between E 180 Street and The Hub. 1 trains are also not running past Chelsea. Finally, N trains are running over the D-line in both directions between 36 Street and Coney Island.

Adding onto those service changes, we have a 3- and 4-line suspension between Utica Av and New Lots Av, along with another suspension of service on the Lefferts Blvd branch of the A-line. There is also a plethora of express and local runs throughout the subway, so keep on the lookout for those. The map has everything illustrated for you. Click on the link below.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of July 18th

Hello everyone. It’s another crazy weekend on the rails. Basically, most of last weekend’s service disruptions have carried over to this one. That means no 5 trains, the F desperately trying to be a C train and a metric ton of express runs. One major difference however is on the N line. This weekend, shuttle buses are replacing trains between 59 Street and Stillwell Av while N trains are rerouted over the West End line in both directions.

As always, click on the link below for the map.

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: The map has been updated to fix a few errors.

Updated Map

Weekend of July 10th

Good evening folks. Once again, it’s Friday and that means weekend work. This weekend will be especially hard to navigate via the subway. Almost every line is impacted in some way or another by weekend service changes. Starting with the major disruptions, there is no 5 train service at all this weekend. Once again, 1 train service is truncated to 14 Street and there are no 3/4 trains between Utica Av and New Lots Av.

There are also major service reroutes in place on several lines. This is the start of post-Sandy repairs on the Cranberry tubes, so Manhattan-bound A/C trains are running via the F-line between Jay St and W 4 Street. On the subject of the F, Brooklyn-bound trains are running via 53rd St and 8th Ave. The D/N switcheroo is back in place as well. Coney Island-bound trains run via the Sea Beach line while Manhattan-bound trains run up the West End line.

There are also numerous express runs scattered around, so keep that in mind. As always, the map is available to guide you.


Enjoy the weekend.

Weekend of July 4th

Hello everyone and Happy Independence Day. In recognition of the holiday, it’s a relatively light weekend in terms of subway disruptions. However, there are a few big ones in place, including a couple that take effect tonight into early tomorrow morning. The biggest service change in place this weekend is once again on the 2 and 5 lines in the Bronx. 5 train service is suspended south of E 180 Street and there are no 2 trains running between E 180 Street and 3 Avenue. Also, on Sunday, there will be no 1 trains running between 14 Street and South Ferry. Look out for a few other reroutes as well, including the Queens-bound F running through the Cranberry tubes. To mitigate some of the confusion, I’ve split up the maps for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Map

Sunday Map

Enjoy the holiday weekend.